Playa Tamarindo Holidays 2024/2025

Greeting the Pacific Ocean with big smiles and bountiful beach life, Playa Tamarindo takes the Costa Rica holiday reputation for fun in the sun and amplifies it with stunning natural beauty and tremendous opportunities to shop, dine, surf and explore.

Playa Tamarindo Holiday Deals

A Pacific playground

Found on the westernmost shore of Costa Rica, Playa Tamarindo is a haven for nature lovers, surfers and those looking for sunshine and relaxation in Latin America’s most tranquil country.

Nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Guanacaste region, Playa Tamarindo has taken great strides in offering modern comforts and easily accessible roads, with the ultimate goal of sharing its luxurious strips of beach with all who come to visit here.

It’s an ambition they’ve pulled off sensationally, and today Playa Tamarindo has a great selection of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy, yet remains close enough to nature that it’s rich with wildlife. The beach is so sublime that leatherback turtles choose its warm sands to lay their eggs in.

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  • Making waves

    We really can’t blame you for making a beeline for the beach when you get to Playa Tamarindo. The rich blue of the Pacific Ocean makes for an inviting sight as you lay down your towel and settle in for a day of pure relaxation. And the more adventurous types are going to want to indulge in this magnificent water for themselves.

    The sea around Playa Tamarindo is as laid-back as the lifestyle. Although surfing is popular here, the waves aren’t so gnarly as to throw you into the deep at every opportunity. That said, there’s also plenty to see if you do intend to strap on an oxygen tank and dive to the ocean depths, including a colourful cast of marine life.

    Time in town

    It’s not just the beach that people love about Playa Tamarindo. The town itself is home to a cheerful array of locals and embraces both colonial traditions and international style. You’ll feel right at home in the broad, sunny streets and can expect to find plenty of souvenir stands and quirky shops tucked just off the beaten track.

    If you’re adamant on shopping until you drop, the Garden Plaza Shopping Mall is rich in boutiques, electronic entertainment and plentiful places of purveyance, so make the most of the chance to stock up on sundries and find the perfect gift for those back home.

    From snacks to suppers

    Part of the reason why the locals have such big smiles here is because everything they eat is so utterly scrumptious. Snack huts by the seaside are sure to keep tummies full with ice creams, burgers and local light bites, yet there’s also a richly international feel to the restaurants dotted around Playa Tamarindo.

    Those looking for some smoky meat flavours need look no further than grilling masters like Longboards BBQ and the Flying Bull Steakhouse, while those seeking some Eastern flair will adore the Bamboo Sushi Club. The flavours of wider Latin America are easily found here too, from Argentinian grills to the tacos, tortillas and tasty treats of Mexico.

    Getting back to nature

    Costa Ricans are renowned nature lovers, and that mindset is as apparent in Playa Tamarindo as anywhere else. The mangroves and turtle-watching of Marino Las Baulas National Park is just a few minutes outside the town’s borders, which is also well known for its impressively large bird population. Over 150 species of colourful feathered friends can be seen fluttering to and fro among the lush green canopies of this special place. Protected rainforests make up a quarter of Costa Rica which means there’s an abundance of jungle activities that will take your holiday to Playa Tamarindo to the next level.

    If exploring the surrounding realm of wilderness appeals to you, there are numerous options available within the local area. In fact, the only question is how you intend to see the sights. Perhaps on a romantic horseback ride, a rugged ATV tour through the undergrowth, a mountain biking tour up to the peaks, or a hiking trail to find the forgotten corners of the region. Don’t forget the river estuary either, which makes for quite the wild kayak ride. We have a whole range of cheap and All Inclusive Costa Rica holidays on offer, so book today and find yourself on the beach in no time.


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