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Survey suggests airports provide more entertainment for kids

A new survey performed by Skyscanner has found that over half of people thought that airports do not provide adequate services for families with children, making travelling as a family considerably more difficult. Parents complained about not being able to get their children to settle upon finally boarding the plane.

A departure lounge, yesterday.

Further, nearly three quarters of those surveyed suggested that a lack of stimulation in the airport itself was likely to be the problem. Popular suggestions were for airports to provide childrens television or play areas and toys in airport departure lounges.

Whilst airports often go out of their way to cater to the adult flyer, with bars, a huge variety of shops, arcades and restaurants, very few make any provisions for little ones, resulting in agitated kids and even more agitated parents. Skyscanner’s Mary Porter said: ‘Even adults without children can find airports stressful but for parents it is much worse.’

Mary went on to say: ‘Parents believe, and we at Skyscanner agree, that the lack of suitable services available in waiting lounges have a direct impact as to how children behave once on board their flight.’

Do you think airports should have more provisions for families with young children? Would this make your travel time as a parent, or even as a non-parent, more enjoyable?