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Storms – and tornadoes – set to mark end of British heatwave

Britain’s current heat wave – which has seen temperatures rise to a whopping 30C with a possible 33C before today ends – is due to come to an abrupt halt this evening as storms roll in. Weather experts are even predicting hail, flash floods and possibly tornadoes in the South East of the UK.

Paul Michaelwhite, forecaster for Netweather said: ‘Conditions are likely to support organised and severe storms with large-sized hail, gusting winds to 70mph or more, torrential rain and even tornadoes.’

However, Britons are advised to hold off on digging out Kansas-style storm cellars for now, as Mr Michealwhite added: ‘People will have images of huge tornadoes in the USA but we get smaller ones here – although they can still cause damage, as we have seen in recent years. Secondary storms later in the day will be nasty with torrential rain, frequent lightning and hail.’

Yesterday saw the record temperature for the year so far smashed as thousands of sun-seekers donned their bikinis and swimming shorts for a visit to beaches up and down the country. Bournemouth and Brighton beaches were particularly popular, with an estimate 100,000 enjoying Bournemouth’s seven mile stretch of sand and sea.

Glastonbury revellers were also pleased with the sudden rise in temperature, which dried out the quagmire which had developed towards the end of last week after torrential downpours.

The heat will continue today, with temperatures set to reach 33C – hotter than Barbados and Miami. It is thought that the weather will cool significantly as the week moves on and the storms are gone.