Spotlight On: Bahia Principe Grand Coba

If you fancy exploring the world and checking out spots that might be a tad different from the usual, making sure you’ve got the top-notch hotel sorted is a great way to ensure your holiday goes without a hitch. Our Spotlight On series is here to help you pick the perfect hotel, and, of course, we’ll hook you up with the best deal we can find to make sure your ideal getaway doesn’t dent your wallet! Cheers to stress-free holidays!


Goldilocks Location

Grand Coba sits alongside 3 other hotels, creating it’s own mini resort! After a lovely air-conditioned transfer from Cancun airport, you’ll arrive at the mini resort, and you’ll most likely get to see the other sister hotels as you drop off fellow holidaymakers! The resort sits on the Riviera Maya coastline, perfectly between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, a goldilocks spot for those seeking culture whether it be historical or from the people around today! 


Coba sits at the bottom tier of the 4 hotels, with other guests allowed to use Coba throughout their stay. But don’t worry, Coba has everything you’ll ever need for a luxurious Mexican holiday, and if you’re looking to upgrade you can do so directly at the hotel to access the other amenities across the other hotels.


Golf Buggies

Although Coba is pretty huge, don’t worry about getting around! You’ll be able to catch golf buggies to take you where you need to go. You’ll be introduced to these delightful buggies early on as they will take you from check-in straight to your room – no need to be dragging those heavy suitcases around! If you’re looking to explore the other hotels they’ll take you there too! Look out for the amazing wildlife on your journeys – you might spot a crocodile, or two!


Food & Drink


Oh, you will not be disappointed in the food and drink at Grand Coba! You have your regular all inclusive buffet with all the food you could ever think of, they do gala meals and regular events to keep things varied too! You can enjoy a premade drink with your meal or a member of staff will be more than happy to whip up a cocktail for you, they do a mean margarita in this buffet!


You’ll always be sipping on a cocktail here! Whether you’re lounging around the pool with a flavoured daiquiri in hand or you’re sitting at the lobby bar enjoying the infamous mudslide, their drinks range is pretty hefty and you’ll struggle to try everything in your stay! We recommend taking an insulated tumbler with you to enjoy larger drinks throughout your stay – they’ll be more than happy to fill these for you instead of a standard cup!


À la Cartes

If you’re wanting a little more than your all inclusive buffet then say hello to six à la cartes, yes six! For each week you stay at Bahia Principe Grand Coba, you’ll have 3 bookings for the à la cartes, you’ll be able to book these at the main lobby or through the hotel app. 


There will definitely be a restaurant that takes your fancy! Whether you’re looking for a romantic steak meal for two at Le Gourmét or you’re leaning towards the entertainment side of food, you can enjoy the teppanyaki at the Mikado Japanese restaurant, everything will be freshly prepared right in front from a variety of meals to pick from!


Daytime Fun

Of course every hotel needs a pool, and Coba has two! Nice and large with some shade thanks to the palm trees, there’s plenty of sunbeds too so no need to rush out in the morning! For the little ones there’s also a waterpark available, with a small splash park and some slides to enjoy.


If you don’t want to miss out on the sports from back home, don’t fear Coba’s sports bar is something else! You’ll be able to catch up on all the fixtures from across the globe while enjoying a fresh beer from an ice bucket. And while you’re waiting for half-time to end, play arcade games, from classics like pacman and pinball to the latest racing games there’s plenty to choose from!


Evening Entertainment

In the evenings just outside the lobby bar you’ll have your classic holiday entertainment, with a live band and disco for the little ones, this carries on till around 9pm. But if you’re looking to stay out past that window, you’ll need to hop on one of those golf buggies mentioned earlier and head to the Hacienda! 


The Hacienda is home to some small-town Mexican shops and stalls, some essential shops and a pharmacy for any medical needs, but mainly this is the entertainment hub of the resort! You’ll be able to enjoy late night entertainment with live music on an open stage – don’t worry the bar nearby will still sort all your drink needs while you enjoy your evening! If the music isn’t to your taste, a casino is only a short stroll away, where you’ll be able to potentially win a couple of pesos at the blackjack table.



To make the most of your holiday, you MUST step out and make the most of the excursions available! Get straight into nature by exploring a cenote, a natural wonder in Mexico, and why not top it off by swimming with turtles in Akumal Bay. You’ll be able to discover their habitat and learn about the three species of turtle in this bay – you couldn’t get closer to nature if you tried!


A personal recommendation from the Holiday Hypermarket team is Xenses! This is one of the best family-friendly excursions on offer in Mexico, exploring the senses through the history and nature of Mexico, from tipsy-turvy towns to blind walks to empower your senses, you’ll really feast on experiences as Xenses – and if there’s any thrill-seekers in your family they’ll love the bird flight experience! 


Mexico? Let’s go!

We know you’ll love Bahia Principe Grand Coba as much as we do, take a look our latest deal below. Go on, get it booked!