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Spanish Things British Travellers Miss When They Return from Holiday

While it’s true that ‘there is no place like home,’ any Brit can tell you that there are also some pretty good reasons to take a break now and again… endless drizzling rain, anyone? Spain’s a favourite getaway for a reason, and, well… sometimes it’s just hard to come home. Here’s why:

That food

From snacking on chicharrons (pork crackling) in Andalucia to indulging in pinxtos in San Sebastien, we salivate at the mention of authentic paella, refreshing gazpacho or spicy chorizo sausage, which can be, uh, tough to find when you return to Britain. And these days, you can think outside the box and find excellent food outside the big cities—like in Benidorm, for example.

Gettin’ tipsy on only the best

Sipping delightful temperanillos, riojas, and sangrias is a highlight of any trip to Spain, especially because, well, it’s damn hot and you have to stay hydrated, right? And since so much is produced domestically, it’s totally heartbreaking to come back to the UK and have to buy your vino in sterling…

Relaxing in classic style

It’s the land of siestas, which can be pretty necessary after all that cerveza and cava. Need we say more?

That cruel mistress called the sun

While we theoretically have sunshine and beaches here in the UK, it can feel more like rumour than reality most days. What’s a tan again?

They sure do know how to have fun

Spain’s festivals are legendary, from the splashy fun of La Tomatina to the somber and surreal Easter commemoration of Semana Santa to the hipster music fest Primavera Sound, it feels like the Spaniards just never stop partying. Rock on.

Sunsets and more sunsets

Nothing beats relaxing on the beach and watching the sun set into the ocean, signalling the end of yet another laid-back Spanish day.

Come on Britain, we can do better. Until then… viva Espana!