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A Shout Out to Senor Frog’s

A trip to Mexico is highly recommended any time of year, thanks to its glorious weather, fantastic food and sumptuous beaches. It’s what makes Cancun so popular, and that famous Mexican resort is full of fantastic bars, clubs and places to party.

The loudest, proudest and perhaps largest place to throw down in Cancun has to be Senor Frog’s. Open from noon every day, you’ll find its afternoons just as packed as its evenings thanks to its food menu and cheeky early drinkers.

By night, it becomes the most action packed party hub in Cancun, often not letting you go until sunrise. Check out why this place deserves your attention on your visit to Cancun.

Non-stop fiestas

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This is a nightclub so big, it’s got its own souvenir and clothes store. Senor Frog’s has a big heart that beats a hundred times a minute at its world famous parties.

Colourful and loud, daytime diners give way to night-time party hounds who come to throw shapes every day of the week. While most clubs do a roaring trade at the weekend, Senor Frog’s insists every day is party day. For example, Wednesdays are the weekly Foam Party, with hip-hop and electronica roaring over flashing lights and frothy fun.

And while the massive dancefloor and vast bar area get packed every night, Open Bar events see visitors paying $60 in advance to get stuck into the finest cocktails and best beers to their heart’s content.

Drinks of all descriptions

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If you can sip it, Senor Frog’s stocks it. While you can take it slow with soft drinks and smoothies of all flavours, the drinks menu heaves with tipples of all types. The famous yards of beer get half price refills and are iconic of the place, while the shots and cocktails menu all have various froggy names as fun as the flavours they promise.

Classics like the mojito and rum punch are yours to enjoy, as are wines if you’re feeling classy, but you can also take on the Bahama Mama. That’s got the best rums in the Caribbean mixed with banana liqueur, orange and pineapple juice.

For the authentic experience have a Senor Frog’s itself, the namesake drink that mixes fruit juices, Bacardi and melon liqueur.

Shots are also zingy and bold here. The outlandish Last Neuron is tequila and Jagermeister with pineapple juice, while the tamer Candy Frog’s is a vodka Skittles mixture with pineapple and lime. There’s even the Aztec Sacrifice, combining anise, vodka, cinnamon and blackberries.

Light bites done right

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Food at Senor Frogs is easily overlooked when you’re focused on the parties, but give the grilled steaks and gourmet burgers here the chance they deserve, because they’re excellent.

The same goes for the more traditional Mexican food served up here, and Senor Frog’s is proud enough of its local flavours to hold a weekly Taco Tuesday between 6PM and 2AM. Much more than tortillas, that event sees the mechanical bull brought out to test the brave, and the whole club gets decked out in traditional Mexican decorations.

Likewise, the more swanky events make the most of the menu too. Sunday VIP Beach Party events may have the best seats in the house, coupled with the finest champagne and the best cocktails, but bookings also throw in a filling dinner prepared with care.

Senor Frog’s is able to put its wacky side to bed for one night on VIP Night, showing once again what a brilliant and versatile venue it is.

Senor Frog’s is massively passionate and easy to love. If you’ve ever experienced this place, or a big bar just like it, let us know about your holiday antics in the comments.