What Does Self Catering Mean?

There are so many different boards out there that trying to understand them all can make your head spin. It’s always a good idea to make sure you know just what you’re getting on your holiday, so here, we bring you a clear explanation of what Self Catering means.

What is a Self Catering holiday?

Self Catering means the flexibility to cook for yourself or eat out on your holiday. It’s popular with people who want freedom as you can enjoy your destination your way, with the opportunity to select a different restaurant every night if you wish.

Any Self Catering accommodation that you book will have a kitchen, with implements like pots and pans so you can do your own cooking. Options range from studio kitchenettes with twin hobs and grills to fully-fledged kitchens made for large groups – it all depends on where you choose to stay.

For those taking a big city trip, who are keen to sample the finest wines in the region, a Self Catering trip means you can budget for big dinners, instead of opting for fast, cheap takeaways.

What are the benefits of booking Self Catering?

It can be cheaper

Because you’re defining how you spend your money on food and drink, Self Catering holidays are often cheaper than All Inclusive holidays.

What you save can be spent as you please, and it will cost less to take your holiday in the first place. Just make sure you budget well for food and drink before your holiday, ask yourself if you’re planning to visit restaurants each night, stock up on sundries to cook indoors, and so on.

You can dine like a local

Lots of people prefer All Inclusive as they know food and drink is always going to be ready for them at the end of a big day, while others love Self Catering because it enables them to truly immerse themselves in the local culture by dining and drinking with the locals.

If that’s how you define a good holiday, then Self Catering is your best bet.

It’s flexible

Self Catering means you eat and drink your own way, which is ideal if you’re feeding individuals with special dietary requirements.

By finding your own meals, either by cooking at your accommodation or eating out at your choice of restaurant, you have the ultimate freedom in your cuisine. It also helps make your holiday your own.

Other types of package holidays

  • Room Only – This board basis is key for flexibility and those who are looking to experience new restaurants, as it doesn’t include meals or cooking facilities.
  • Bed and Breakfast – This package includes exactly what it suggests – just breakfast, which is factored into the price of your accommodation or holiday package.
  • Half Board – Here, you’ll get two meals a day, usually breakfast and dinner. This doesn’t typically include drinks outside of the basics such as tea and juice. This is a top option if you’re travelling with little ones or want to have a flexible daytime schedule away from the hotel.
  • Full Board – Full Board features three meals per day, but without snacks or drinks – it’s great for holidaymakers that are sticking to a budget, but want to feel pampered as well.
  • All Inclusive – As you would expect, everything is included in the price you pay. This means your flights, hotel, three meals a day, snacks and drinks are all taken care of. The drinks and food available changes by resort, so you should always check before you book. All Inclusive is a favourite holiday option because it offers fantastic value for money.

Find out which board basis is best for you right HERE!

Our package holiday options range from Self Catering to All Inclusive, with plenty of choices in between. To see what’s coming up this summer, have a look at our different holiday offerings to see which board best fits your party.