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New Boy At Thomas Cook Flees Heathrow Airport With £120,000

£120,000 in foreign currency was missing last night at Heathrow airport….along with a Bureau de change cashier.

Despite starting work at the outlet just a few days earlier, the 20 year old new boy was given keys to the safe.

Colleagues at the Thomas Cook outlet in Terminal 5 noticed the cash was missing after the rookie failed to return from his lunch break.

Police were called and went straight to his home in West London where he was nowhere to be seen.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Officers are investigating an allegation of theft.

“Police were called at 2.45pm on Tuesday to Thomas Cook at Heathrow Terminal 5 in Wayfarer Road.

“It is believed a large quantity on foreign currency was stolen from the location. Inquiries are ongoing. There have been no arrests.”

A senior police source said: “Thomas cook have to look at whether security was adequate as a matter of urgency.”

An all-ports alert was issued in fears that he may try to flee the country.

A Thomas Cook spokesman said: “We’re assisting police with their investigations and are unable to comment further.”

It’s not however the first theft Heathrow airport’s seen. With 22.5 million business travellers passing through London Heathrow’s terminals every year, laptop thieves are rife, with up to 900 be reported lost of stolen every week.

In 2002, two suspected robbery gangs held up security company vans at Heathrow airport, in thefts totalling over £6m. Both robberies were believed to be inside jobs, with the raiders using legitimate security passes.

The robberies were extremely embarrassing for the management at Heathrow airport, which was supposed to be on a heightened security alert after the 11 September attack in America.