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Lions Slaughter Tourist As He Showers

A tourist enjoying a holiday at the Mana Pools National Park, near the Zambezi River was ripped apart by a pride of wild lions as he took an outdoor shower at the game reserve.

Zimbabwean Pete Evershed was savaged by the wild beasts in front of his terrified wife, Liz, and friends at the popular park, which gives tourists the opportunity to get close to nature and walk among wildlife.

The businessman’s wife, who had urged her husband to hurry his shower because it was getting dark, heard Pete’s chilling screams as he was attacked by the five Lions.

Liz, her brother and friend jumped into their vehicles and drove towards the shower, but arrived too late to save him.

Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force spokesman, Johnny Rodrigues, said: “They had spent the day fishing and were just getting cleaned up when the lions struck.

“The others had already showered in the outdoor shower at the campsite and Mr Evershed was the last to go.

“The lions must have been close because they jumped on him from nowhere.

“Sadly by the time they dispersed it was far too late. There really was nothing the guys could do.”

Officials confirmed that the group, from the country’s capital Harare, had been showering in an open facility 125ft from where their tent was pitched.

Mr Rodrigues said the tragedy was the latest in a series of animal attacks at the park.

He added: “It’s a romantic idea, but visitors need to understand they are taking their lives into their own hands when they go to these places.

“These are not zoo animals but wild creatures which kill when they are hungry or frightened.”

Following last week’s tragedy, Mr Evershed’s body has been returned to Harare for burial.

Officials spoke out and said that eight local villagers have been slaughtered in lion attacks close to the Mana Pools Park within a two-month period earlier this year.

Caroline Washaya-Moyo, Mana Pools spokeswoman said the keen fisherman had suffered serious neck wounds causing “excessive bleeding”.

Ms Washaya-Moyo added that Liz, Mr Evershed’s widow, had urged rangers not to kill the lions following the incident, out of respect for her husband, who was an enthusiastic nature lover.