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Las Vegas Stamps On New Yorks Liberty

The Real Statue Of Liberty In New York

The US Postal service recently issued a stamp which they believe depicted the iconic Statue of Liberty on New York’s Ellis Island. Three billion of the first class stamps were printed and sent into circulation at the end of 2010. However eagle eyed workers at philatelist magazine Linn’s Stamp News have spotted a rather unfortunate mistake on the stamps.

The image portrayed is not infact the Statue of Liberty at all, it’s a picture of the scaled down replica built at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in gambling mecca, Las Vegas.

The mistake can be spotted by looking carefully at the windows in the crown, on the stamp, as in the las Vegas replica; they are just painted black and not actual windows.

Roy Betts of the Postal Service, Washington stated “A stamp collector looked at the image and noticed that’s not the original, that’s the replica, the Las Vegas version.”

The Postal Service took the image from a photography stock house believed to be Getty Images and the image named as ‘Lady Liberty’ was checked and approved by the Postal Service before going into publication.

The Statue of Liberty ‘Forever’ stamp as it is called will literally be forever as the US Postal Service has no plans to remove it from circulation although they will be careful to make sure that the slip-up doesn’t happen again. Betts commented “There’s no error on the stamp, so we’re not recalling them.”