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It’s No Laughing Matter For Real Life Married Pilots…

Two married pilots have become the butt of some rather funny jokes following the success of BBC comedy series ‘Come Fly With Me’.

Captain Jonathan and Debi Peskett are a husband and wife team of pilots who work for bmibaby and are based at Cardiff airport, but have become a laughing stock amongst colleagues following the hit comedy sketch where Matt Lucas and David Walliams portray a fictitious married couple who both work together as pilots.

Matt Lucas And David Walliams' Characters Simon And Jackie Trent

Lucas and Walliams created Simon and Jackie Trent who work together for budget airline FloLo, where Jackie is constantly suspicious of her cheating pilot husband. Debi insists that she did not become a pilot just to check up on Jonathan and although they originally met as cadets ten years ago, they only got together in 2006, marrying in Italy six months later, after meeting again at a briefing for bmibaby.

Debi, 36 explained “I have the opportunity to travel the world with the man I love. We have a lot in common, including luckily sharing a love for flying and travel.”  She also insists that she trusts her husband entirely, unlike the comedy character Jackie.

The couple have worked together for five years now from their Cardiff airport base and try to laugh off the jokes from friends and colleagues as they fly all over Europe.

Again, unlike the comedy duo, Jonathan and Debi do not spend the whole flight squabbling, perhaps partly due to the fact that their every word is recorded by the aircrafts black box. Jonathan also stated that there is very little time for chat anyway, “Our jobs are very black and white. We have to concentrate on a lot of procedures. It’s not like being in an office where there’s time for banter.”

Debi did admit to the fact that she has Simon and Jackie as her profile picture on Facebook.