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It’s International Beer Day, So We’re Going Around the World in Eight Beers

It’s International Beer Day, and what better way to celebrate than with some international beers? Today we’re going to be guiding you on a Phileas Fogg-esque pub crawl of global proportions, starting on our very own set of islands and heading all the way to the other side of the world and back!

Scotland: Brewdog Punk IPA

We’ll start off close to home, with Brewdog’s Punk IPA. Brewdog are a brewery that enjoys pushing the boat out, with its limited run beers such as Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sinking the Bismarck and The End of History each at one time holding the record for the world’s strongest beer. While Punk IPA is perfect for enjoying a pint of on a sunny evening, beers like Sinking the Bismarck are best enjoyed by dividing a single 330ml bottle into shot glasses between friends, then sipping, slowly. The End of History was also notable for being sold in a dead squirrel. That isn’t a joke. That actually happened.

France: Thiriez Dalva

The French beer that the French recommend; this is another IPA with a hazy golden colour and lovely fluffy white head. Taste this and you’ll find a mix of bready malts, spices, tart notes and floral aromas. The perfect thing to quaff while looking out over the Eiffel Tower.

Belgium: Timmermans Peche

Belgium is a fantastic place to go for beers, with brews to suit every possible palate, up to and including those of people who don’t like beer. We could tell about the wheat beers, the lagers, and the ales, but one thing Belgium does better than anywhere else is the fruit beer. This light, fizzy, peach beer tastes enough like peach to satisfy those who hate beer, and enough like beer to satisfy everyone else.

Portugal: Super Bock

This strong pale lager is not one for the faint of heart. The favourite drink of the Portuguese, it has won 28 gold medals in the international contest “Monde Sélection da la Qualité” and despite being a relatively modest 5.6% (compared to the likes of Sinking the Bismarck) they’ll still knock you flat if you have one too many.

Czech Republic: Bohemia Regent Prezident

Bohemia Regent is a world famous Czech brewery, but out of all their beers the Prezident is their choice for the real connoisseur. With a hoppy flavour and a well rounded taste that’s the result of traditional brewing methods using long archived recipes, this one is a real tre

Japan: Hitachino Nest White

We’re over halfway round the world now, and you might be surprised to know that Japan are expert brewers in their own right. As well as having their own world class whiskey distilleries that could give the Scottish a run for their money, they also make some fantastic beers.

The Hitachino Nest White is recognisable by the owl on the label that you will find adorable or terrifying, depending on your disposition. Inside the bottle you’ll find a Belgian-style ale that Hitachino have given their own spin to, with a mix of flavours that includes nutmeg, orange peel and coriander.

Florida:  Doc Brown Ale

Where you’re going, you won’t need roads, because this beer has an ABV of 6.4% and you really shouldn’t be driving afterwards.

Named after everybody’s favourite mad scientist, this smooth and nutty brown ale from the Funky Buddha Brewery  is a great every day beer with bready, caramelly notes that will have you asking for another pint as soon as you’ve finished the first. Although it’s tempting, you should not try to drink 88 pints of it.

Mexico: Day of the Dead Cerveza de los Muertos:

There are a few things Mexico is great at, but at the top of the list are their wonderful Day of the Dead celebrations and their habit of putting chocolate in every meal they possibly can. This is epitomised in the Day of the Dead brewery’s Chocolatl Stout and also their Porter ales. Both contain  chocolaty, cinnamon and clove tasting beer with hints of spices and also coffee.

After that, you should be ready to return home for a refreshing pint of Woodforde’s Wherry or Oakham’s Bishop’s Farewell.