How to Keep Mobile Signal at a Festival


We’ve all been to a festival and realised how frustrating it is when you want to meet your friends and just can’t get through. Even worse is when you send a text and it arrives two days later, causing much confusion. The reason for the difficulty is the sheer numbers of people in one place, calling, tweeting and texting, plus the fact that the mobile signal in the field that the festival is held in is probably not the best in the first place.

So are there any ways to get around this problem? Well, it’s not an impossible situation. Here are some tips to keep your mobile signal going strong all summer long.

  1. Hold your phone differently

Since users realised that the iPhone 4 had real problems with reception if you held it too tight, other phone users have discovered the same thing. So if you can’t get through, maybe you’re clutching your phone a bit hard so you don’t drop it in the mud? Loosen your grip, and try holding it more at the top or bottom, or in your other hand.

  1. Remove the case

The case can sometimes muffle reception, so taking your phone out of its case can be effective. Remember to put it back in after the call though to prevent mishaps!

  1. Put a new case on

Pong have produced a brilliant case which both amplifies your phone signal and simultaneously protects you from radiation. Win win!

  1. Put the phone in a glass

Some users have reported that putting your phone in an ordinary drinking glass boosts the signal. We reckon it makes it a bit hard to actually talk though. However, this trick definitely works when you want to play music through your phone – it amplifies the sound very effectively. So if you’re bored of what’s on at the main stage, you can have the options of playing your own tunes.

  1. Disable 4G

4G might be the latest thing, but in fact, there are more, and stronger, 2G signals than 3G and 4G in the Uk so if you turn off 4G, the lower standard will take over. Not so great for checking your emails, but much better for calls and non-internet-based texts.

  1. Change network

A bit drastic, this, but one network often works where another one has no coverage. If you’ve been to a particular festival before and had no joy on O2, consider EE next time instead. You can check which company has the strongest signal in an area here.

  1. Try a different location

Before you go so far as to take three different phones with you on different networks, remember that moving around the festival often gets you good results. It’s often impossible to get reception near the main stage but try less crowded areas – some people report that the family field is good. Climbing to the top of a hill is a good option too.

These are the best tips we’ve heard so far, but if all else fails, you can always just try the old fashioned way: arrange to meet your mates at a certain place at a certain time, and make sure you’re not late!

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