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Hotels Tag Linen To Prevent Thefts

Towel thieves beware – hotels are deploying new technology in a bid to prevent guests from stealing their towels.

Florida based company, Linen Technology have patented the anti-theft system, and claim that one hotel in Hawaii have saved over £9,000 a month and cut the number of towel thefts from 4,000 a month to just 750.

Towel Theft Costs Hotels Thousands

The system sees washable radio-frequency tags stitched into bathrobes, sheets and towels which will trigger an alarm if removed from the premises.

William Serbin, executive vice-president of the US based company said “Any given month, hotels can lose 5 to 20 per cent of towels, sheets and robes. That gets expensive with the rising cost of cotton.”

The RFID radio-frequency identification chips are similar to those used in shop security tags and can track linen to and from the laundry, at the poolside and raise the alarm if someone tries to leave the premises.

It is believed that the technology may be introduced in hotels throughout the UK in the near future.