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Secrets To Keeping Your Fussy Eaters Happy On Holiday

One question we hear on a regular basis, when people are searching for a holiday is “What is the food like?”

Parents with children are even more likely to ask this question. My 16 year old has always been good with trying different foods, so I have never really had a problem. However, not all children are the same. I know from occasions when we have taken my daughter’s friends on holiday that some are harder to please, and so a lot of time is spent searching for fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Pizza Hut to keep them happy. So how do you get them to try some of the local foods when on holiday abroad? One thing worth trying is to see what the local children are eating, because if they like it, then you may be more likely to get your child to try it. This is where I get to this article – I have researched into the popular holiday destinations to find out what the local children like to eat to make it easier for you. Here are some examples:


Kofta – The Egyptians themselves do not eat a lot of meat or dairy products, however,  these meatballs are a firm favourite with children. Made from mince, usually lamb, and seasoned with spices they are then shaped into meatballs and fried in olive oil.


Quesadillas – These are tortillas that are filled with cheese and then another ingredient, such as chicken, and folded in half. They are easy for kids to pick up and you can ask for them to be mild. They do not have to be spicy.


Churros – These are also known as Spanish doughnuts. They are long tubes of choux style pastry, usually the size of a breadstick, but are now popular jumbo style. They are served warm and the Spanish children are often found dunking them into their hot chocolate. They are also nice dipped in cinnamon sugar or chocolate sauce. The jumbo ones are often filled with chocolate, fruit or fudge.


Calamari (battered deep fried squid-rings) – Ok I know a lot of you are now pulling faces at this suggestion. However, kids actually do love them. They usually think that they are onion rings. This makes it easier to get children to try them in the first place.


Borek – The best way I can describe borek is a Turkish pasty. It is made from flaky filo style pastry and filled with either cheese, meat or vegetables. They are good for little ones who like finger foods.


Ćevapi – This is mince which is grilled and served with flatbread. Children like them with fried potatoes, which are also popular in Bulgaria.


Jamaican Patty – This is a pasty which is filled with meat, chicken, cheese or vegetables. It sometimes looks yellow but this is just from the turmeric. It looks a lot like pasties that we have here, so kids can be easily persuaded to try them


Spaghetti and Meatballs – Italy is very easy with kids due to the pizza and ice cream, but another popular meal is spaghetti and meatballs. It is fun for kids to eat and very messy which kids love, so remember to take wet wipes.


Tagine – My husband is Moroccan so this is somewhere we visit regularly. My daughter likes a lot of the food there such as couscous, and the brightly coloured blocks of popcorn that they sell at the soukhs. But one of the best foods for kids to try is a tagine. A tagine is a clay pot with a domed lid. They slow cook meats and vegetables with spices in it and then the whole family gather round and eat it with freshly baked bread. Kids like eating with their hands which is how you eat in Morocco, so this is fun for them.


Arroz Doce – Most kids like rice pudding and that is what Arroz Doce is. It is very delicious and is flavoured with cinnamon. Very much a favourite with Portuguese children.


Pitta Bread – Children are happy when they are tucking into pitta breads dipped in hummus. Another great finger food that even babies can enjoy.

These are just a few examples of popular local foods around the world which are enjoyed by children. I am sure there are lots more that I have missed out. What foods do your children like? Are they happy to try the local cuisine or do they prefer something closer to home? I hope if you visit one of these destinations on your family holiday, that your children will try one of these delicious foods.