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Game of Thrones Filming Locations – UPDATED FOR SEASON 7

It’s nearly time for another Game of Thrones fix, yes, if you didn’t know already season seven is finally upon us and our excitement levels are through the roof.

As always we have big expectations for this season including plot twists, betrayals and unsavoury deaths – but the burning question for most is, will Cersei be able to keep the throne?

So, to celebrate the eagerly awaited new series we thought we would list some of the programme’s most famous filming locations while taking a look at this season’s newest sets.


Did you know Malta’s sunshine-filled landscape featured in much of season one? That’s right – Malta was the real-life setting for King’s Landing. But one of our favourite spots has to be Fort Ricasoli, this 17th century sight was used to represent the Red Keep’s Gate and is situated in the grand harbour of Valletta. With impressive twisting columns and an enormous doorway, this attraction is a must for die-hard Thrones fans.

Another set you may recognise from this country’s stunning scenery is on Malta’s sister island, Gozo. The Azure Window, a 50-metre high rock arch in the sea, was not only a much-loved tourist attraction, but it also gained an increase in visitors after GOT filming. Sadly the structure was lost to the sea earlier this year but you can still visit the spot where the Dothraki wedding was held.


Discover Morocco like never before this year and walk in Daenerys Targaryen’s footprints as you step inside the Yellow City. Overlooking a desert and perched on a hill, you’ll find Aït-Ben-Haddou. This protected city is accessible from Marrakech and is definitely worth the trip with its starring role in countless Hollywood hits including the likes of Gladiator and The Mummy.


It’s time to live every fan’s dream and visit Croatia. This crescent-shaped country has played a crucial landscape in the fictional drama over the years with various key scenes scattered across its vast lands.

Dubrovnik is the real must-see though. This magnificent walled city has been the home of the throne since series one and has seen fantasy lovers flocking in their thousands, probably to recreate the iconic shot which saw Cersei being shamed while walking down the steps! And it seems Split also wanted in on the action with Diocletian’s Palace, Klis Fortress and the Water Mill, used for scenes in Meereen.


Iceland’s beautiful frozen landscape is what everyone seems to be talking about lately, and it’s not just because of its sudden surge in tourism. Oh no, this ice-covered country is also known for its appearance in Game of Thrones as it made up most of the backdrop for those Beyond the Wall scenes, also known as Jon Snow’s sub-zero home.

Visitors here are likely to recognise a number of spots including Höfðabrekkuheiði, the Myrdalsjokull glacier, the Vatnajökull glacier – but whatever you do make sure you watch out for those White Walkers!


We may not know what’s coming to the blood-filled, backstabbing Seven Kingdoms this season, but we do know one thing and that’s where much of the action was filmed. In fact, Eastern Spain takes centre stage in Games of Thrones’ latest season.

This means fans can look forward to scenes in Seville, Santiponce and Caceres. If you’re heading to Spain for a Game of Thrones-filled trip, we suggest heading to Girona – season six’s star location – before heading to Seville to see whatever season seven brings.

Start your very own search for the throne this year and visit one of these amazing destinations.