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The Many Faces of Puerto Rico Holidays

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company has been busy this week, promoting the Caribbean destination as more than just a great place to relax on tropical beaches.

The tourism promotion agency said that a new marketing campaign is on the cards, working with major airlines such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to reveal the benefits of cheap holidays in Puerto Rico to more British travellers.

The new campaign will kick off in the USA – where most visitors to Puerto Rico come from – and will then be rolled out in Europe and the UK, according to the agency’s chief marketing officer Nicole Rodriguez. It aims to highlight some of the diverse attractions and activities that holidaymakers can expect in the Latino nation.

“Our main goal in the UK market is to let them know that we’re not that far away and second of all that Puerto Rico has a lot more to offer than great beaches,” Ms Rodriguez said, pointing out that cheap car hire is plentiful in Puerto Rico and there are also many great destinations reachable by walking from the major resorts, or from the lively colonial capital San Juan.

Cheap holidays in Puerto Rico certainly can be just a great opportunity for a tropical beach holiday as there are indeed miles of unspoilt coves and resort beaches. However, the island also leaves cultural enthusiasts spoiled for choice with its rich historical legacy covering native indigenous cultures.

Eco-tourists can explore the tiny islands of Mona and Vieques, with their nature reserves and near-deserted beaches. Trips to these places are also a great way to relax after the frenetic pace of San Juan.