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Is This the End of School Holiday Fines?

Is This the End of School Holiday Fines?

Term time holidays are probably the bugbear of most UK families, looking to get away for some quality family time without the hefty price tag. It’s a topic you will see regularly discussed at the school gates or on the local news.

Whether you are looking to travel abroad or take a break in the UK, we appreciate that it’s not the cheapest time to travel.  And with October half term just around the corner, many parents will have already made the decision to stay at home as the costs are just too high.

Guidelines set out by the Department of Education have led to a crackdown on term-time absence, however one Dad from the Isle of Wight has managed to have his fine overturned.

After having his daughters absence denied, Mr Platt still travelled to Disneyland Florida along with family on the 12thof April explaining that this was the only date they were all able to travel together.

On his return, Mr Platt decided to make a stand and fight the £120 fine, even though the court proceedings costs would be considerably more. He argued that despite her holiday she had not failed to attend school regularly.

In his defence, Mr Platt stated that under section 444 of the education act, parents must make sure children attend school regularly, something that his daughter had achieved with an attendance record of 94% for last year. Nowhere does it state what the threshold is for regular attendance.

Although this case has not yet changed the law, it may be a breakthrough in helping families take holidays in term time. However, another suggestion has been made by some parents.

They think if all INSET- teacher training days are put together, this hopefully will give them an extra weeks holiday, to be arranged at the schools discretion, and hopefully give them the opportunity to grab a holiday at a reduced price.

Do you think this could go some way to lift the burden?  After all, holidays can be of great educational value to many children.

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