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EasyJet Threaten To Have Passengers Arrested

Leading low cost airline EasyJet has been forced to apologise to customers after they were told to get off a flight or face arrest.
The incident occurred on a Birmingham to Geneva flight which had accidently been over filled with10 tonnes too much fuel and was therefore too heavy to take off. The pilot decided that the only solution was to leave some passengers behind and told the last 37 passengers to board, to disembark again. Those who refused to leave were told that police were waiting in the terminal building to arrest them.


Passengers who were able to travel were only informed that some of their luggage had also been removed from the flight when they landed in Switzerland. Some passengers didn’t receive their luggage for a further five days and one family were only reunited with their baggage the day before they were due to fly home.
EasyJet confirmed that passengers whose luggage was delayed were entitled to £25 per day for the first three days of their holiday, and they would also be reimbursed for any ‘reasonable receipted expenses’ incurred during the delay.
A spokesperson for EasyJet stated “We’d like to sincerely apologise to the passengers affected by the weight restrictions on the flight from Birmingham, resulting in some passengers and bags being offloaded.” He continued, “The cause of the weight restriction was due to a fuelling error which resulted in the aircraft taking on too much fuel and therefore being too heavy for take off when fully loaded. An investigation has been launched to understand how this has happened.”
Passengers that were removed from the flight were offered €250 in compensation.