A Complete Guide to Goa’s Weather

When booking a holiday it’s always important to remember that some countries have a monsoon season, which means huge levels of rainfall to counteract the recently passed heat wave.

Indeed, it takes a smart holidaymaker to gauge when the weather is hot and dry and when the rain is most likely to fall.

This isn’t all bad news, because when the rain falls the prices do too, so visiting destinations during the wet months could mean huge savings – have a look at our Goa All Inclusive deals and pick up a bargain!

Goa is among the places that experience monsoon season, and is also one of the most-loved adventure destinations. For many, this is a great time to visit as its landscapes are lush and green.

What to expect from Goa this summer


Goa is one of India’s top beach destinations, with thousands flocking to its shores each year to join trance raves and hippie retreats.

A trip to Goa is full of surprises, and one of them is the weather. It sounds strange, but June through to August is never as hot as one would imagine. In fact, only 10% of  its days reach above 30°C, which, although hot for us Brits, is quite balmy for a beach holiday abroad.

The advantage here is that Goa’s temperatures tend to stay well above 25°C all year round, making it a go-to holiday destination every month of the year. You could say it’s always summer in Goa.

Is there a wet season in Goa?


Yes, and it’s smart to be aware of the wet season. Throughout July the chance of rain rises hugely, to the point where you are pretty much guaranteed rain. Goa experiences 27 rainy days on average in July alone, so you’ll find very few beach parties being held during this time.

The beach huts and pop-up snack shacks on the coast are also often out of operation during this time to avoid damage to their hand-built shelters. Of course, the benefit of the monsoon season is very cheap holiday deals, which means that a savvy spender can enjoy this gorgeous destination while saving a penny or two.

When is the best time to visit Goa?


Many holidaymakers agree that the best times to visit Goa is between May and August, almost like the bookends of that monsoon season we’ve described. Temperatures stay nice and high, in the upper 20s to lower 30s, while rainfall sharply drops off in the monsoons of June and July.

In fact, May is also when sea temperatures tend to touch the 30s too, and it’s the same in September and October. When it comes to the driest months, January through to March is your best bet, when rainfall is non-existent.




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