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Brace Yourself….Winter Has Arrived Early!!

If you’re thinking of getting away this winter then now is the time to book! Although it may seem a little early to start running away from the blustery British elements, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Britain is bracing itself for snow, torrential downpours and winds of up to 70mph as winter descends with a vengeance across the country.

There’s no hope for those wanting to gently acclimatise to the bleak conditions with the weather changing without a moment’s notice.

Meteorologists believe it to be unlikely that any region will escape the gloom, with parts of Scotland and Wales expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather, before extending east throughout the day.

With Wales looking to bear the brunt, The Environment Agency has issued a flood waning to them, whilst 15 other areas are expected to be struck with flash flooding.

The Met Office has also issued numerous severe weather warnings to the Scottish Highlands, alerting people of heavy rain, heavy snow and severe gales.

A severe warning of heavy rain was also issued in south west England, with gusts of wind expected to reach 50mph, with it picking up to 71mph in parts of western Scotland and the west coast. Gusts will also reach 56mph in areas of the south east.

Meteogroup weather forecaster, Rachel Vince, said: “There is a deep low moving in from the North West bringing very strong and gusty winds across the whole of the UK. It is going to be a pretty horrible day.”

Some areas of the country will see snow fall today, along with the wind and rain, with parts of the Scottish Highlands, the Peak District and Cumbria over 400m seeing flurries, forecasters said. Parts of Scotland and Wales could also face sleet.

Although things may begin to look brighter midweek, don’t be mislead as storms and heavier winds are due to return by Thursday with the threat of thunder and lightning in western Scotland.

Forecaster at the Met Office, Byron Chalcraft, said: “This, I’m afraid, is a sign of things to come. It’s going to be thoroughly miserable. For quite a while now we are going to get these very unsettled conditions.

“It looks as though the next couple of weeks will be characterised by this weather, if not longer.

“At the moment we have quite a deep area of low pressure and that’s going to be moving south eastwards ending up over the English Channel.”

A dip in temperature, combined with the wind speed, means it could get as cold as 0°C in some places, so if you’re not ready to brace the cold or you can’t face the fact that winter is just around the corner, book yourself a cheap late deal to somewhere warm where the sun is shining and the seas are sparkling!