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Benidorm’s Most Family Friendly Beaches

Benidorm is known as a resort with a little bit of everything. This place is packed full of family-friendly attractions, but with everything else going on, it can be tricky to know which beaches are best for your party. Fortunately, we’ve put together an overview of what to expect on the finest coastlines Benidorm can offer, so all you need to worry about is rounding up the troops.

Levante Beach

Also known as Sunrise Beach, the Levante Beach is the most famous of all Benidorm’s coastlines. It’s a vibrant and active place, with watersports aplenty to enjoy and playgrounds for the youngsters to burn off some energy in. The sand is warm and inviting, and lifeguards are on hand to make sure that everyone is kept safe.

With sports bars and cafes lining the streets of the shoreline, it’s safe to say that the parents will have plenty to occupy themselves with. But you might not want to take yourself away from the beach at all, especially as there’s almost 5,000 sunbeds on offer.

Poniente Beach

If Levante Beach proves just a little too lively, make your way through Old Town to the more secluded and relaxed Poniente Beach. The stretch of sand here is enormous, golden and enticing – giving you more space to call your own. That said, the extra elbow room doesn’t come at the cost of convenience, with numerous shops and facilities within easy reach, as well as those all-important sunbeds.

What’s more, Poniente Beach is one of the most modern in the area. You’re sure to enjoy the extensive makeover of the nearby promenade, with accessible amenities in abundance.

Malpas Beach

If the traditional sight of sun-loving Brits has you leaning away from the two most popular beaches in Benidorm, you can avoid the hubbub of Poniente and Levante Beach by spending your day at Malpas Beach. It’s nestled beneath the cliffs where the magnificent castle stretches to the sky, and it should definitely be on your agenda if you or your family enjoy sports.

The ambiance of Malpas Beach is completely different to anywhere else along the coast. And with volleyball players and sunbathers alike drawn to its unique charm, it’s a great option for active kids with parents who want to unwind.

Tio Ximo Cove

If you’re seeking some seclusion for you and the family and you’re eager to immerse yourself in the beautiful blue waters for which Benidorm is famous – you’ll want to seek out the hidden Tio Ximo Cove.

Steep cliffs hide this little beach, with all its natural beauty, from the hustle and bustle of the resort to its south. That means you and the family have a slice of paradise more or less to yourself, although trained lifeguards are always on the scene to make sure you rest and play safely.

La Almadrava Cove

Perhaps the most private beach in the area, La Almadrava Cove is the retreat for relaxation that many a weary traveller has learned to seek out. Isolated from the wider community, the travel time will be worth it when you claim those shimmering sands as your own – and there are diving opportunities and a few dozen sunbeds to enjoy while you’re here too. As Benidorm’s beaches go, this is as unspoilt as they come.

Benidorm Island

Famous among the locals as Peacock Island or Benidorm Rock, Benidorm Island is a small slip of land off the coast with frequent boat access – and, of course, its own little beach. It isn’t as much of a regulated region of sand as Levante Beach and Poniente Beach, but for a family trip incorporating sea, sun and sand – it’s definitely something to mark on your to do list.