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Bank Holiday Rail Strike Confirmed


Millions of travellers may be left stranded on the upcoming bank holiday Monday, as a planned railway strike has been confirmed as going ahead on May 25th. It will commence at 5pm and run for 24 hours, affecting the entire rail network.

The date involved will cause maximum disruption as the nation’s workforce attempt to get back home after taking advantage of the extra day to take long weekends. Talks are ongoing, and the strike may still be averted, but Brits who are planning on travelling by rail are advised to make alternative arrangements for Monday and Tuesday in order to avoid any potential problems.

In addition to the strike, rail workers, who have made the move in an ongoing complaint over pay, are calling a ban on overtime for 48 hours from the 25th.

To find alternative transport options, please visit within the London area, or check out local bus and tram options. Remember that if everyone is taking to the road journeys may be longer due to congestion, so leave plenty of extra time to get to your destination. For longer journeys, try  National Express coaches or MegabusCheckMyBus is a great resource for finding which bus fares will be cheapest. Due to the congestion, if you’re planning on going by car, check the traffic reports.

To keep an eye on any changes, check the National Rail website.