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BA Makes New Ad Campaign Based on Heritage

British Airways (BA) has made the most of its illustrious history with its latest advertising campaign.

This will be the biggest and most widely spread advertising campaign that BA have undertaken in over a decade. You’ll be able to see the flag carrier’s efforts in the newspapers, on TV and online.
For the TV and online charm offensive, BA have a new advert that plays on their long history of service and experience that goes back to the origins of aviation. Here is BA’s historic heartstring-tugger of an ad that emphasises their motto of “To Fly. To Serve.”

BA chief executive Keith Williams said: “The industry has been through difficult times in the last 10 years, through periods of severe disruption, record oil prices and the deepest recession since the 1930s. But BA has emerged and returned to profitability. The motto has real meaning and resonance. It sets us apart from the opposition.”
BA managing director of brands and customer experience Frank van der Post chipped in: “BA is a world-renowned airline. We do not need to reinvent ourselves, but it’s time to turn up the volume. ‘To fly, To serve’ is not a slogan. It is not the invention of an advertising copy writer. It is on the uniform of our crew. It’s what we do.”
The massive advertising campaign is just part of the £5 billion investment programme that BA was planned out; this includes investment in new aircraft, customer service and refurbished cabins. This should help the airline present itself as a more appealing prospect for passengers looking to book 2012 holidays.