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60 years of holiday music memories – what will be the tune of 2014?

60s… Rolling Stones, (I can’t get no) Satisfaction

We were flocking to the Great British countryside for a camping break or sunning ourselves on the beaches of Blackpool and Newquay with Mick Jagger blasting out of our Minis.

70s… Village People, YMCA

This was the decade we jumped on a plane and headed to a much hotter climate in Spain. The bars of Spain’s southern Costas were joining in the dance and the next thing we knew it had gone worldwide.

80s… Madonna, Holiday or Wham, Club Tropicana

The 80s saw us go further afield and Greece was the ideal choice. With our cassette players in hand we would parade around the beach with George Michael serenading us.

1991 – 1995… DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Summertime or Whigfield, Saturday Night

Club 18-30 holidays became hot property in the 90s, with many new clubs opening in Ibiza, Malia and Faliraki. Bar hopping and dancing until sunrise was just what you did at the time.

1995 – 1999… Mr President, Coco Jambo or Tspoon, Sex on the beach or even Lou Bega Mambo No5

Canary Islands had come alive and Tenerife was proving to be the party island. Linekers Bar in Playa De Las Americas was where everyone started and to finish the night you headed to Veronicas strip.

2000 – 2005… King Africa La Bomba or Asereje Las Ketchup 

The millennium had hit us and holidays to Turkey were selling out. You could dance on bars and sing your heart out on the Karaoke. DJ Pied Piper had us all singing “Do you really like it?” all holiday.

2005 – 2013… Rihanna Umbrella or Danza Kuduro ft Lucenzo Dom Omar

Rhianna’s song was ironic as it saw the summer of 2007 being a wash out, and a umbrella was what you needed. This saw us hot footing it to Mexico for much needed sun. Gone were the days of Walkmans, we welcomed the iPod into our lives. The holiday playlists had started.

2014… ?

What will 2014 bring us?