5 Holiday Hacks for Cheap/Free Family Activities

For most families they are the biggest expense of the year so our aim is to help you find the best priced holiday packages.


To help you save those all important £s when planning things to do on holiday, we have shared our favourite holiday hacks below:


1. Choose your hotel wisely

Taking your time to look into a hotel and its facilities can help you to save money on family holiday activities. Many hotel collections are centred around providing fun and games for all ages. Utilising these facilities can really help you to fill up your holiday itinerary – and at no extra cost!


Let’s dive into some of our favourite hotel collections and take a look at what they can offer you and your family as part of your holiday package.


TUI BLUE for Families


The TUI BLUE for Families collection prides itself on all day entertainment that kids will love throughout all its hotels. Whether you fancy playing mermaids and dolphins in the pool or challenging your family to a sports tournament, there is so much to choose from. TUI BLUE for Families hotels also offer professional and licensed childcare services to help you enjoy that much needed adults-only time. 


Holiday Villages


As the name suggests, at a Holiday Village you have everything you need right on your doorstep. The sites feature everything from aerial adventure courses to fantastic kids’ clubs and splash parks to great evening entertainment. All kids clubs are run to UK standards by DBS-certified childminders. This means that while your days can be centred around the kids, you can still enjoy a romantic evening meal or a (large!) glass of wine in peace.




For the water babies amongst us, there’s no better choice than a SplashWorld hotel. Based on or close to some of the world’s best water parks, you have unlimited access to adrenaline filled activities. Some of the best holiday memories are made at international waterparks, and if you choose to stay in a SplashWorld hotel, the cost is included in your hotel package!


2. Embrace beaches and natural landscapes


Making the most of beaches, walking trails and exploring the local area is a great way to keep the whole family entertained. Along with being able to relax in the sunshine, beaches often offer sporty and physical activities to keep children of all ages entertained. 


For younger children, local beach shops sell an array of buckets and spades, as well as beginner’s snorkels for exploring shallow waters and rock pools. For older children, there’s plenty of outdoor activities including jet skiing and parasailing. 


During the school holidays back at home, one of the most exciting memories is making a packed lunch and going for a picnic in the great outdoors. Why not recreate this on your summer holiday? Head down to a local bakery or supermarket, gather all the essentials and find a perfect spot on the beach to enjoy your picnic, international style!

3. Check out local attractions

Columns of the Ancient Lindos – Rhodes, Greece

Taking part in exciting holiday activities doesn’t always have to mean whole day excursions and expensive day trips. There is often an abundance of places to enjoy, right on your hotel’s doorstep. 


Though school age children may not be thrilled at the thought of looking around a museum or castle, there’s plenty of ways you can make it more interesting for them! Why not play princesses and dragons when exploring the ruins of an old castle? You could even plan a competition to create a museum-worthy piece of art – the possibilities are endless! Entrance fees to museums and historical sites can vary, but often family tickets are available, helping you to save some money.


Checking out the local boutiques and shopping centres is always a must-do and you can find lots of items that you can’t get back at home. If you have younger children who aren’t too bothered about going shopping, set them a challenge to find the most interesting item for the least amount of money!


Younger children can also spend some time looking for gifts to bring home for their friends, which is sure to make them the centre of attention when they go back to school.


One of our favourite parts of a beach holiday is taking a walk down to the local marina and looking at all of the beautiful yachts. If you’re lucky, you can even spot a super-yacht and it’s always exciting to fantasise about who you think might own it. 


4. TripAdvisor is your best friend

Pirate Ship Tour – Cyprus

When you have chosen your ideal hotel, you can search for it on Tripadvisor. You will be able to read real reviews from families who have actually stayed there and hopefully enjoyed it. 


As well as making sure the hotel is suitable, the reviews can give you a helping hand when it comes to what to do when you’re there. If a previous visitor has enjoyed seeing something they think other people will love, they often tell you about it in their review. 


Tripadvisor also has a map feature on the website, which shows you what is around your chosen hotel. The map will show you restaurants and attractions that are closeby, as well as giving the hotel a grading out of 100 for how suitable it is for guests interested in walking. 


5. Pre-book with an online platform

After you have researched the area and looked at what you can do at your hotel, if you know there are some activities and excursions that you’d like to book, pre-booking can help you save money. 

Using sites like Musement is a great idea because you can bag yourself the best deals and you’re guaranteed to be able to do the activities you want. Waiting until you arrive on holiday runs the risk that activities can be fully booked and you won’t be able to do everything you had planned. 


Sites like Musement also often have discounts and promotions, which you wouldn’t find when purchasing tickets on holiday. Being able to browse online before you arrive also helps you to find activities you may not have thought about, but you will be sure to love!


Now you are ready to pack your bags and jet off on your fun-filled family holiday! If you have any more holiday hacks to help save money on activities, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!