Sunny Beach party guide

The eight-kilometre stretch of vibrant shore in Bulgaria they call Sunny Beach has gained a solid reputation as the next big party capital, hot on the heels of Ibiza and Ayia Napa. That reputation is richly earned, because Sunny Beach is capable of offering just as much of the glorious sunshine, blazing nightlife and all-night beach parties as any of those leading nightlife hotspots elsewhere. To help matters more, it’s often a great deal cheaper too.

When you’re rounding up the squad for your next big tour, make sure you’re loaded up on the information you need to make your stay in Sunny Beach as fantastic as you deserve it to be. We’ve put together a few choice facts to keep in mind.

Apps and fast facts

The first factor to decide on when planning your Sunny Beach break is when in the year you’re likely to go. As you can imagine, the summer is when the weather really skyrockets as far as temperatures go, with highs above 30°C daily proving a pretty welcome norm.

Parties are at their wildest and nightlife crowds are at their biggest in the high season of mid-summer. However, the party season in Sunny Beach stretches from early May to late September, giving you ample time to plan a trip around both your schedule and that of your party people. It also costs less to travel there at the kick-off or tail-end of the season.

Once you hit the town, there’s help to be had in the palm of your hand. While our tips and tricks here will help you get on track once you touch down, there’s an app available for your phone that gives a play by play of the latest deals, events and things not to be missed during your time at Sunny Beach, which is well worth looking into.

Paying your way

Sunny Beach is a modern and welcoming destination where the party is always ready to go, but even with everything being so affordable, you’re going to want to keep a combination of cash and card on hand at all times. Things can be a little sporadic which bars accept card payments and which don’t, but luckily ATMs are plentiful.

One insider trick that a lot of party-goers appreciate is that there’s a cash machine on Flower Street that reportedly has a limit of 400 Leva rather than 200 for maximum cash withdrawals.