A party guide to southern Spain

The beaches, cuisine and seriously huge array of cultural attractions are all well and good in Spain, but it’s the country’s party scene that really shines.

Chances are, it’s probably not the after-hours fun you’re used to though – but here it’s later, more energetic, louder and better. To get you in the thick of it, here’s a quick guide to the best party places in Spain on the southern coast.

The culture

It’s no secret that when it comes to partying, the Spanish go hard.

Delayed days and long nights are just part of the lifestyle here – dinner won’t typically be eaten until around 10 or 11pm, and the partying starts well after midnight. Don’t be surprised to find that the best clubs in town are lifeless until 1 or 2am, and for the night to stretch well into sunset territory. You’ll get the hang of it.

Nightlife in Spain doesn’t really follow any rules, as far as venues go. You’ll party in the streets, in a busy plaza, in a bar, casino, or club, over tapas or down by the beach. The warm climate doesn’t hurt either, making long nights feel that much more comfortable.


For a true Spanish nightlife experience, there’s no better way to get into the evening than at an authentic flamenco bar.

Flamenco is a music and dance movement that started in southern Spain – specifically the Andalusia region – and consists of rhythmic guitar music and graceful dancing that’s heavy on the fancy footwork. It’s an incredibly passionate dance that emanates romance and old world Spain.

Best party towns in southern Spain

Here are our picks for top party spots along Spain’s southern coast.


Benidorm is the creme de la creme of nightlife-heavy resorts in southern Spain.

No two going-out spots are the same here – you’ve got huge clubs like Space, tapas bars and British pubs, not to mention pool parties, foam parties and everything in between.


Locals in Marbella don’t just go gold – they go platinum. The swanky, yacht-lined marina and famous Golden Mile have long been known to attract the rich and famous.

The Golden Mile is actually a four-mile stretch lined with expensive estates, hotels and nightlife venues. To party here, you should expect to splash some cash, but the experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is almost synonymous with Marbella, but not quite – it still has that same exclusive air its sister-resort has, but with its own unique set of beaches and holiday amenities.

It’s located along the foot of the Golden Mile, so it too is privy to the same slew of nightlife venues Marbella has. Out here, it’s all about glam clubs and bottle service.


Malaga is the capital city of Spain’s Andalusian region, and for this reason, it’s understandably a hotspot in terms of nightlife.

The city has become a bit of a culture hub, with jazz clubs and rooftop bars to its name, but party animals need not fear – there are still plenty of big time bars and clubs to sate your party appetite.


The appropriately-named 24-Hour Square is where much of the nightlife activity happens in Benalmadena, a Renaissance destination as far as holiday spots go.

The square is filled with an assortment of raucous clubs and discos, while the marina is known for its selection of waterfront-facing bars.