Ibiza by Day - the Other Side of the Island

Most people know Ibiza as the party capital of Europe, but this island has much more to offer than just late-night clubbing and a never-ending fountain of cocktails. Days in Ibiza are filled by getting in touch with the local culture at museums and shops, setting sail on a private cruise or just catching some much-needed sleep on a tranquil beach. The fun starts well before the sun sets.

To show you what we mean, here are some of our top picks for daytime activities on the island.

Days at the beach

This one may seem like a no brainer, but it’s still worth emphasising.

Of course, days in Ibiza are filled with relaxing along the island’s beautiful shores, but beach vibes here range from supremely peaceful to family-friendly, and sunset-prone to practically-a-club. And that’s all during the day – so you can spend hour upon hour stretching out on the warm shores, drifting between siestas and slipping into a seafront restaurant for a light bite.

Boat cruises and watersports

Just as Ibiza’s shores are busy during the day, so are its waters. All across the island, you’ll find opportunities to hop aboard a jet ski, try your hand at windsurfing or suit up in scuba gear and explore nearby reefs. You can even charter a boat and cruise along the coast, bringing the party out to the Mediterranean Sea.

Retail alert

Ibiza boasts a large amount of shops for an island of its size, and you get the highest concentration in Ibiza Town. Streets here are laden with shops, from high end boutiques to well-known brand stores, and nearby you can even find local markets selling handmade wares. Zara and Mango have taken their places in Ibiza’s retail scene, as well as a number of local names selling clothing and souvenirs with the island’s distinctly coastal style.

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