Fun facts about Croatia

If you’re planning a holiday in Croatia you can expect to find stunning coastlines dotted with idyllic little islets and reefs, as well as plenty of untouched nature to explore. Croatia is a fascinating country that boasts a wealth of culture, history and stunning medieval architecture. It’s also a surprising place, with some interesting and fun facts – take a look below to find out more.

Croatia invented the necktie

Originally called a ‘cravat’, which is a Croatian word, they were worn in the 17th century by Croatian mercenaries fighting for the French in the Thirty Years’ War.

They were thought to be so stylish that the look spread and eventually became known simply as the tie that we know today.

Game of Thrones was filmed there

Dubrovnik is the location of the hit TV show Game of Thrones’ regal city, King’s Landing. In seasons two and three of the programme, the spectacular walled fortress and medieval buildings of the Croatian city were a regular feature. Although digital additions were made for the show, the actual city provides an amazing sense of history and magnificence as you walk around.

A Shakespearean setting

Dalmatia in Croatia is the location for Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night. This world-renowned play is set in the romantic setting of Illyria, an ancient region which covered the Balkans and the Adriatic coastline. The main action of the play takes place in a part of Illyria which includes the modern day region of the Western Balkans and Croatia.

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