The different Cuban tours in Havana

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s really no better way to get to know a city than by touring it – Havana is no different. Here, you’ll find experienced guides that can help open a window into this city’s vibrant past and culture.

Via vintage Cadillac, on foot, by bike or through your stomach, there’s no wrong way to do it. Here are some top tours of Cuba’s red hot capital city.

Havana on foot

Havana is undeniably one of those cities that needs to be experienced in order to be truly understood.

Setting out on foot is easily the best way to do this – winding down the tangle of streets, talking to locals and soaking up the atmosphere will immediately throw you into the deep end of Havana’s culture.

That said, you don’t even really need to hire a guide to explore Havana on foot. Many would say getting lost and experiencing the sites for yourself is a great way to find Havana’s pulse.

But if the thought of flinging yourself straight into the throng of the city twists your insides, there are a hundred and one guides you can hire to take you around the main sites, inserting knowledgeable insights here and there that’ll familiarise you with Havana’s long history.

If you’re saving your pennies for Cuban rum and cigars – no judgement here – there are even free walking tours you can join. Sites you’re likely to hit are the Baroque capitol building and the Plaza de Armas, the oldest square in Havana.

Just make sure you’ve got your camera at the ready for what is promised to be a flurry of photo opps.

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Havana by bike

While Havana might be a hectic city, it’s still possible to tour it by bike. You’ll sidle up alongside the classic cars whooshing past, coasting along the waterfront or down city streets. Bike tours are a great way to still throw yourself into Havana’s energy, but to move at a faster pace than you would on foot.

Joining a bike tour in Havana will get you a bike hire, a helmet and the help of a guide to show you around the sites. Weaving through the city, you’ll hit spots like the wonderfully garish Cemetery Cristobal Colon, the famous Plaza de la Revolucion and El Malecon, Havana’s scenic coastal highway.

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