A guide to the best beaches in Izmir Region

The Izmir region is a popular choice for travellers seeking cheap holidays to Turkey, with many returning year after year. And it’s not hard to see why – the region is flanked by the beautiful Aegean Sea, and there are plenty of beaches where you can admire the spectacular views. Whether you’re looking for a sandy stretch or prefer pebble beaches on your Turkey holidays, there’s a perfect spot by the sea reserved for you.

Downtown Beach

Located right in the heart of Kusadasi, Downtown Beach is also known as Baths Beach or Palm Beach. It’s conveniently located close to the town and hotels, and with spectacular views across Pigeon Island, it’s a popular choice for visitors. The sandy spot is well equipped with sunbeds and parasols, so you can pull up a bed and relax in the sun.

Ladies Beach

This one’s not just for ladies. Close to the centre of Kusadasi, it’s one of the busiest in the region, with a vast array of shops, bars, restaurants and hotels on its doorstep. A lazy 15-minute walk will take you all the way along this stretch of sand flanked by clear, shallow water. As you’d expect from a busy beach, there are plenty of parasols, sunbeds and watersports.

A day at Ladies Beach doesn’t have to end with a beautiful sunset – there’s also a popular beach club where you can dance until the early hours.

Long Beach

Popular with fans of watersports and beach activities, Long Beach is located 6 kilometres south of Kusadasi, near the Fantasia De Luxe Hotel. The sandy beach is easily accessible via minibus from the centre of Kusadasi and has plenty to do. Whether you want to relax on a sunbed, head to the beach bar, or indulge in some watersports, there’s something for you.

Silver Sand Beach

Silver Sand Beach is another beautiful stretch of sand, well equipped with sunbeds and parasols, and served by a pleasant cafe offering both lunch and dinner. There’s plenty to do at this beach – you can enjoy a game of volleyball or have fun in the sea taking part in the range of watersports on offer.

Paradise Beach

Next to Silver Sand Beach, Paradise Beach has its own selection of small restaurants, cafes and bars. There’s also a fish market – during the summer months – a pastry shop and a massage service. Bliss.

Love Beach

A quiet spot, Love Beach has beautiful views towards the Greek island of Samos. There’s a small marina with a few speedboats and fishing boats, as well as a cafe serving up snacks and drinks – and Turkish breakfast.

Kustur Beach

Kustur Beach is slightly quieter than others in Kusadasi, but equally well equipped, with a selection of sunbeds and cafes nearby. It’s a mix of sand and pebbles here, and the sea is clean and clear.

National Park Beach

Further afield but still very accessible, there are minibuses from the centre of Kusadasi taking you to spots like National Park Beach. Just a kilometre or two away from the Greek island of Samos, this shoreline has the clearest waters in Kusadasi. It’s the perfect day trip and a popular option for tourists – who often choose to take a picnic and relax under a tree taking in the view over the sea to Greece.