Clubbing in Bodrum

With over 50 pubs and clubs to choose from, you’re in for a night to remember when living it up in Bodrum. Don’t be surprised if you’re basking in the sunrise well before your head hits the pillow.

Bodrum Clubbing Holidays

Experience the Bar Street nightlife

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s premier clubbing destinations, popular for its live music but also a great place to enjoy traditional Turkish food and cafe culture, and to dance the night away in some of the biggest and most stylish clubs in Turkey.

Bodrum appeals to all kinds of people, whether you want to enjoy a quiet evening on Iskele Meydani looking at the iconic Bodrum Castle (which is illuminated in the evenings), or enjoy a foam party in the open air at Halikarnas Disco. This latter is a huge night club that attracts a trendy, fashionable crowd that buzzes in peak season.

Dr. Alim Bey Caddesi (better known as Bar Street) is where all the action happens in Bodrum. Although by day this part of town is packed with street sellers and markets, by night it comes alive with the atmosphere of a party you’ll never forget. From the popular White House Bar to the Fasil Café, there’s an endless variety of food, music and discos to choose from.

Prepare yourself for one of the most fun-packed clubbing experiences to be had in Turkey and party beside the Aegean Sea. Authentic Turkish music resounds on the air yet there is a familiar international flavour alive here as well.


Literally meaning “wine house”, meyhane (pronounced (may-hah-nay) is a traditional restaurant or bar common in Bodrum and similar towns. It’s a place to go to enjoy a slow multi-course meal, a round (or two) of drinks and live music with friends that stretches throughout the evening in a carnivalesque atmosphere that often leads to dancing and singing.

Central to this is the traditional Turkish drink, raki – similar to the Greek drink, ouzo – distilled from raisins, grapes, figs or plums and aged in oak barrels. Delicious cold mezzes including plates of cheese and melon, eggplant and tomato often begin the evening and are followed by mouth-watering hot grills of fresh fish, lamb or chicken kebabs.

But it’s not all traditional fun in Bodrum as revellers can stay in a meyhane or take to the streets to kick their heels up in one of Bodrum’s several international clubs where the DJs favour commercial dance music. From foam parties, belly dancing and salsa nights to world-class live entertainment, Bodrum is trendy, electric and nonstop fun – some locals would say it is even better than Istanbul!