A guide to the best restaurants in Konakli

Konakli is a seaside hotspot for tourists visiting the beautiful country of Turkey. With its idyllic ocean setting and vibrant resort atmosphere, Konakli is full of excellent restaurants which cook up all best Turkish spoils for its guests, whether they’re on holiday or living locally. If you’re travelling to Konakli you can expect incredible seafood plates, perfectly-reared meats and gorgeous vegetable medleys, flavoured with Eastern herbs and spices. There’s also the opportunity to eat international cuisines, which in a touristic area like Konakli, are easy to find.

Eat like royalty at Konak Beach Restaurant

Konak Beach Restaurant is set above the sea, giving it a refreshing atmosphere with incredible views. The clean and classic decor screams luxury, with table after table dressed up smartly for incoming guests. The food itself is even more extravagant, with huge plates of prawns and mussels and banquet-style sharing platters being lifted to and from tables all evening.

Fill up at Silas

Silas specialises in Turkish classics and European specialities, offering a choice between the wide range of traditional and continental options. Everything you order can be taken home with you afterwards, which is handy because the portion sizes are huge, unlike the prices.

Lunch and a swim at Summer Garden Kitchen

Welcoming, warm and with a huge menu of fantastic meat and veg dishes, Summer Garden Kitchen is a traveller’s favourite. Whether you’re coming to eat or you just fancy a dip in their pool, a visit to Konakli isn’t complete without a stop at Summer Garden Kitchen.

Set the mood at Villa Augusto Restaurant

For the romantic among you there’s Villa Augusto, one of the most exquisite and atmospheric spots to eat in Konakli. With views out over the ocean, Villa Augusto offers dishes which are a treat for the taste-buds and perfect for sharing with that special someone.

Coffee and cake at Sokak Kahvecisi

No Turkey holiday is complete without sampling some of the local coffee. The cups served at Sokak Kahvecisi are hailed for their incredible flavour, which coats your mouth with its rich bitterness. This cafe has an authentic feel to it, with backgammon boards available if you fancy challenging a friend, and a self-service buffet of baked pastries and sweet cake to fill up on.

Feel like a local at Gozde Restaurant

Specialising in local pizzas, tortillas and large meat plates, Gozde is another of Konakli’s famous spots. Eating here feels like being part of the local culture, and the staff welcome you to join them for lunch with warm smiles.

A hidden gem - Asalet

You can spot a great restaurant in Konakli from a mile away, usually because it’s where all the natives go to eat. Asalet is one such place, and it has now become a favourite among those enjoying cheap Turkey holidays too. Turkish pizza, kebabs and lamb stews make up just part of the affordable menu of magnificent local delicacies at Asalet.

Dance after dinner at Van Kahvalti Bahcesi

For a fun night of sampling Turkish food, applauding dancing waiters and listening to traditional tunes, visit Van Kahvalti Bahcesi. This restaurant is all you could want from an evening out in Konakli, and there’s even a few tables which are in full view of the chefs – so you can watch your food being prepared, too.

Tea and cake with a Turkish twist - Ehl I Keyf Kahve

A traditional tea house, Ehl I Keyf Kahve cooks its authentic Turkish coffee and tea on an open wood-smoke fire, which makes for incredible aromas in the cafe. You can also grab some light bites to enjoy with your drinks – a selection most of which is made up of bread and cake. They’re rich and homemade, which is just the way good food should be.

A high energy meal at Alex Restaurant

The atmosphere is electric at Alex Restaurant, with glimmering lights and waiters that seem to dart between tables like wild-fire. People chat animatedly about their days out in Konakli, and share huge platters of local meats fish and vegetables. This is a great place to start a night out in the resort.