Konakli Holidays 2024/2025

A charming and tranquil village in Turkey’s Antalya region, Konakli is a popular destination for travellers in the know. Off the beaten track, but still catering for tourists, a trip to Konakli means a quiet retreat that is nevertheless always close enough to the action.

Konakli Holiday Deals

Balmy Turkish summers by the sea

Konakli boasts summer highs of over 30°C, making the golden sands hum with a warm energy that attracts holidaymakers to rest and rejuvenate here during their Turkey holiday. Due to Konakli’s location on the Mediterranean coastline, this resort benefits from incredible weather that suits Europeans very well – meaning you’ll get an air of familiarity in this new and exciting destination.

Attractive sunloungers and parasols dot the soft sands of the Konakli coast, which offers enough room for everyone without ever feeling crowded. This is a great spot for catching a spot of reading, bronzing in the sun or enjoying an al fresco lunch by the sea. Swimming in the ocean is nothing if not refreshing, and the calm and clear of the water is broken only by a jetty, where a small slide will launch you into the ocean.

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  • An authentic Turkish village

    Konakli has a wonderfully-rustic feel, with traditional Turkish businesses dotted all around the village. Woodsmoke tea houses and market traders share a street, while the smell of cooked lamb mingles with the bitter-sweet richness of the coffee. This is an atmospheric location that will have you feeling like one of the locals in no time.

    Sit at a cafe table and play backgammon with a friend, or even challenge one of the locals. You’ll soon be treated to great stories about the history of the Antalya region, and may eventually be able to call yourself a master of the country’s favourite board-game by slowly playing your way through the population of Konakli.

    Sample the flavours of the region

    Konakli is blessed with a healthy handful of restaurants, which are devoted to offering the finest traditional specialities that Antalya has to offer. For those with a sweet tooth, try baklava, the sweet honey-soaked pastry that has become so famous in Turkey and Greece. Lamb stews and shanked kebabs are served up with a side of spiced potatoes and a veggie medley – a staple of the country’s national cuisine.

    An exciting town nearby

    Konakli is one of the region’s best kept secrets, making it the ideal spot to find cheap holidays to Turkey. Even so, it’s easy to get out and visit some of the more bustling tourist areas from here, too. Neighbouring Alanya is located nearby and makes for a great day trip or night out if you’re in the mood for the vibrant buzz of Turkish urban culture. Top of the list of attractions in Alanya is without a doubt the shopping scene, which causes most of the streets in the town to fill with market traders and the exciting sounds of bartering for spoils.

    It’s not all shop-til-you-drop action, though. Alanya also boasts one of the craziest waterparks in the region, Water Planet. With adrenaline-fuelled kids throwing themselves down huge kamikaze slides while parents relax in the cool atmosphere of the park, this is a great family day out, and can be easily followed up by a bite to eat in one of Alanya’s great restaurants.

    Explore the surrounding landscape

    For the intrepid adventurer, Konakli offers the chance to explore the remarkable Taurus Mountains, which tower overhead like mysterious deities. Located in the midst of the range is a beautiful 14th Century citadel, which stands as a prime example of Byzantine architecture in Turkey, and it’s right on your doorstep.

    Head to the Antalya highlands for a real treat, as the area allows for freshwater swimming in the Dimcay River. This picturesque country spot is said to be one of the most romantic places to visit in all of the region, and the clear water, boat trip opportunities and exquisite fish restaurants offer a broad selection of activities to help strike the perfect chord with that special someone.


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