Essential information for Antalya Region

Capital city: Antalya
Population: 1,978,333
Religion: Islam
Language: Turkish
Currency: New Turkish Lira
Time difference: GMT +2
Flight duration: 4 hours from Gatwick

When to go

Turkey is known for having incredibly warm weather, and the Antalya region is no exception. Temperatures reach an average of 33°C in July and August. A strong sea breeze and winds from the north east help keep some of the heat at bay during these months. But it’s still important to bring your sun cream and hats and stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest hours. The water can also reach temperatures of 28°C – nice for a quick dip in the sea.

Spring and autumn are the most popular times to travel, with temperatures around 24°C – still warm but bearable when making excursions to historical structures or visiting the beach. The Antalya region benefits from 300 days of sunshine a year, so you’ll have lots of time to venture outdoors and enjoy the sights.

Getting around

Flights from the UK land at Antalya Airport and from here you’ll be between 20 minutes and two hours travel by road from your accommodation. The city of Alanya is the furthest resort from the airport and is 125km away. Check the details of your package, as if you’re planning All Inclusive Antalya holidays you’ll find that transfers to and from the airport are included in your stay. Other types of package will often include these too, so find out before you go.

Buses are a great way to get around the region and there are regular services running between each resort. These buses connect the small towns and cities to one another, and schedules can be found in the lobby of your hotel. You’ll also be able to rent a car, electric scooter or bicycle if you want to do a bit of independent travelling.

Taxis are the easiest way to travel in Antalya and they can be found both in the city centres and outside of hotels. Keep an eye out for yellow metal boxes attached to lamp posts. These will have a taxi company’s name on them and you can press the button and wait for a car to arrive.

Advice for travellers with children

Children will have a great time on Antalya holidays thanks to the huge array of activities specifically designed with their enjoyment in mind. The Aktur amusement park has it all – with roller coasters, ferris wheels and bumper car rides. There’s also a Dino park with larger than life dinosaur statues roaming the forest.

If you’re feeling a bit overheated, the region of Antayla is also home to several waterparks with river rapids, kamikazes and wave pools. There’s a near-endless array of things to keep the kids entertained in this region.


Connector type: In general, round two-pin adapter

Voltage info: 220 volts AC, 50Hz

Emergency services

In case of an emergency call 155 for the police or 110 for the fire department.