Belek Holidays 2024/2025

Serene in some spots and lively in others, there’s a good mix of contrasts to enjoy in Belek, which is proving a spot for cheap holidays to Turkey. Mediterranean beaches, nightlife, golfing and ancient mysteries await.

Belek Holiday Deals

From Roman relics to late-night parties

Turkey holiday packages are a chance for you to experience a vast country that bridges Europe and Asia. In the sunny southern Antalya province is Belek, where blue skies and vast white beaches are very much the order of the day.

This is topped off by delicious local food, plenty of ancient sites to explore, and a welcoming nightlife scene where you can dance until dawn.

Tailored to your experience

Belek has a host of luxurious hotels and villas that cup the gentle curve of its coastline, and that gives you a tremendous choice of places to stay. The town’s hospitality is well known, and because of that, there’s accommodation to suit every budget and holidaymaker.

Couples and honeymooners can get some secluded together-time, while families will have plenty of chances for exploration and fun – and several hotels have kids’ clubs that can keep the youngsters engaged.

Legendary golfing

Belek’s first claim to fame, before it became the tourism hub it is today, was through its rolling lush green meadows – many of which were converted into some of the best golf courses on the professional circuit.

International tournaments have been known to grace these fairways from time to time – from the challenging hills of Kaya Palazzo and the new holes on offer at Carya Belek, right through to the National Golf Course where it all began. If you’re a golf aficionado, you’re spoilt for choice among these world-class courses.

Relaxing on the beach

16 kilometres of pale sand are yours to enjoy in Belek. The coastline along Turkey’s southern shores has a gentle and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll be happy to find that parasailing and watersports are on offer at various places along the beach.

Your inner nature-lover will be very much in its element too, not least because of the adorable turtles that are well known for making their homes here.

Culture in the town centre

Belek was originally a rural Turkish town, and there are elements of this tradition still remaining today. The architecture of the town hall and some of the civic buildings are shining examples, although nowadays the town recognises its international heritage.

Expect to find a blend of styles, from Spanish and Italian to sleek and modern. This is coupled with plenty of replica Roman columns and the like, which sit hand-in-hand with genuinely ancient sites.

Back-streets are lined with shops and cafes that do their best to entice you in, and a fine meal with some good wine is the perfect retreat from that persistent sunshine.

When to visit

If you’re planning to make the most of Belek and the surrounding Antalya Province and you adore the sun, you’ll definitely want to head there in June and July, where highs often hit a scorching 35°C.

If you can’t make it for those months – or if you’d prefer to avoid the rush and those searingly high temperatures – the heat in Belek is on all the way from May to September, when temperatures dance between 25°C and 30°C.

Belek is also a fantastic place to indulge yourself in a winter break – you’re never going to experience anything less than 15°C daily, even in the middle of January. That’s a far cry from the cold, blustery drizzle you’d be getting back home.


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