A guide to nightlife in Antalya

As a city with an international heritage, you can expect a massive mix of things to do when you’re out during your Antalya holidays – bars and clubs, parties and chill-out zones, and plenty of multicultural fun. Wherever you roam, you’ll find it hard to beat the vibrancy and vitality of Antalya City when it comes to a great night out. Here are some of the places you might like to head for if you’re heading off on cheap holidays to Turkey in search of some fun.

Dance the night away at Inferno

This is probably the city’s most famous nightclub, and it’s said that it’s a place of two halves – the more easy-going evening crowd, followed by the party people who up the tempo after midnight. The club has a casual dress code and there’s also a laid-back area where you can stare at the stars if the pounding rhythms get too much.

Putting on the ritz at Ally's

Throw on some fine threads for this one – at Ally’s you’re expected to dress to impress. Although it’s not as loud and wild as Inferno, it’s still a massively popular place, lit by neon and filled with partygoers. Expect to queue to get in on Friday or Saturday nights, but it’ll be worth it.

Rock and roll at Jolly Joker Bar

The Jolly Joker has been described as the Hard Rock Cafe of Antalya, and with huge live-music performances, you’re going to know why. The bar is illuminated by blue and pink neon for a retro vibe, but it’s very much a modern space.

A little emerald vibe at O'Neil's Irish Pub

There isn’t a city on the planet that doesn’t have a good old-fashioned Irish pub, although that’s really no bad thing. Those rustic touches and proud dark-wood beams give a welcome taste of home – and so will the bitters and draughts on tap.

All day and all night at Zodiac Bar

There’s some modern chic to be found here in this 24-hour establishment, from the sleek curved bars and plush chairs through to the courtyard with its big yin-yang mosaic. That said, it’s not a pretentious place, and you’ll have plenty of time to wind down after a hectic day of exploration and fun in the laid-back surroundings here.

Relax and recuperate at Cello Cafe Bar

Think of the stereotypical street-side cafe that opens into the late hours, with warm lights, soothing decor and smiling, gently conversing clientele. That’s what you’re going to find at Cello Cafe Bar, where cocktails and baklava converge in an evening of culture and relaxation.

Drinks and dancing at Havana Club

Open plan and modern, there’s plenty of space for the masses of guests you can expect to find in Havana Club. The drinks menu is extensive, and there’s always a good selection of modern and classic beats to complement your evening. It’s a popular place, so expect to find a good party atmosphere that’s not too overpowering.

Creative juices flow at Filika Cafe Bar

Decently central as far as location is concerned, Filika Cafe Bar draws in crowds of artists and creative types, who enjoy the alternative feel of the place. You can expect to find some home-cooked meals and fine wines here, together with a talkative atmosphere.