Steigenberger Marhaba Thalasso Hammamet

Located right on the beach, the Steigenberger Marhaba Thalasso Hammamet comes with two roomy pools and huge secluded gardens. You’re also only one kilometre away from the nearest shops, bars and restaurants and only three kilometres away from Hammamet’s old quarter. However, with a buffet and three a la carte restaurants, there’s really no need to leave at all. The hotel looks flash and exciting but it also provides fun for all the family. As well as a kids’ club, youngsters have a mini-disco all to themselves in the evening, while adults have a range of live entertainment options.

Overview of Tunisia

If you’re looking for beaches and culture, then Tunisia is the place to go. With activities that range from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to water parks, holidays to Tunisia can keep the whole family entertained. Resorts such as Hammamet, where you’ll find the Steigenberger Marhaba Thalasso Hammamet, allow travellers to bask in the hot Mediterranean sun from the sanctuary of a market town away from the action. If you love history then consider Sousse, widely regarded as the jewel in Tunisia’s crown. For such a small country, Tunisia can leave a big impression on your heart. You’ll want to return again and again.

Things to do in Tunisia

Hammamet is the country’s original tourist hotspot and a stay at the Steigenberger Marhaba Thalasso Hammamet allows you to experience unspoilt Tunisian views. Hammamet’s glorious beach is definitely a highlight but as the resort has grown more popular, more attractions have been added. So, look out for the nearby golf courses and animal parks, as well as the local paintballing facility. The capital city of Tunis is a great day out and is only a 50-minute drive away. Alternatively, you can book a taxi to the nearby station, take the train and soak up the views.

Resort Summary

They say Hammamet is where tourism in Tunisia was born, and as far as destinations in the country go, they don’t come much more classically suave. Pristine white buildings boasting wide arches and curved rooftops make for handsome surroundings, and the sun seems all the brighter for their presence.

However, Hammamet is far more than a cultural centre. Although its roots extend back to Spanish exploration and Roman colonisation, Hammamet today is as Tunisian as they come. It’s also covered in plants of all kinds – particularly olive groves, lemon trees and oranges – hence why they nickname this town the Garden Resort.