Bentota Holidays 2024/2025

Hugging the southern coast of Sri Lanka, the picturesque coastal town of Bentota is home to striking Indian Ocean white beaches sheltered by overhanging palm trees. But there’s far more to this rural resort, with a wealth of local history to be explored.

Bentota Holiday Deals

A picture-perfect escape

Conjure up an image of a far-flung island resort and you’ll probably create something close to Bentota Sri Lanka. Turquoise water, immaculate white sands and lush greenery as far as the eye can see help to make up this town’s picturesque landscape. Spend your days relaxing on sleepy beaches, or engage in some varied watersports for an altogether more high-octane holiday experience.

The beaches are definitely what make Bentota such a popular tourist spot. The stretches of coastline here are well worth discovering, and each are lined with a selection of luxury Bentota hotels that ensure the perfect sunbathing spot is never too far away.

The namesake Bentota Beach attracts visitors from across the region, yet it continues to retain a slightly rugged, small-town charm. The beach is widely considered to be the watersports capital of Sri Lanka, while a small number of shops and restaurants are within easy reach of the main promenade.

A town steeped in history

While most commonly known for its abundance of pristine beaches, Bentota isn’t short on things to see and do away from the coast too. The gardens in Bentota are a particular highlight, including the popular Lunugaga Gardens. Enjoy a guided tour around this tranquil setting and take in the beauty of the main house, which was designed by renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. It’s impossible not to soak in the spiritual atmosphere of this place as you wander through acres of carefully constructed plants and monuments.

Make friends with the turtles

Situated south of Bentota Ganga River, a trip to the Sea Turtle Protection Association headquarters is one of the area’s most popular activities. The centre cares for newly hatched and vulnerable turtles, striving to release as many animals back into their natural habitat as possible.

Depending on the time of year you visit, you can witness turtles laying eggs in the sand and experience the cute baby turtles exploring their new surroundings. There’s even the opportunity to be there when rehabilitated turtles are released onto the beach and into the wild, making it a great day out for kids and nature lovers.

Savour the flavours of Sri Lanka

Influences from India and Indonesia have given Sri Lanka it’s own unique cuisine, with flavours that range from spicy curries through to stir fries and other noodle-based dishes. Despite its humble size, Bentota is home to a wide array of restaurants, cafes and bars, each serving their own take on the local delicacies that can be found here.

Among the culinary highlights is a vast array of fresh seafood, caught locally in the area each day. Dining at a tranquil, lakeside restaurant only adds to the chilled ambience that the region has to offer, so be sure to take in some spectacular views as you enjoy your meal.

The magic of the rainforest

Less than 80 kilometres from the centre of Bentota is the Sinharaja Forest Reserve – a major hub of eco-tourism and biodiversity. Wander through 11,000 hectares of lush greenery and discover an eclectic array of flora and fauna that’s native to this part of the island.

Among the endemic species that can be discovered here are giant squirrels, purple-faced langur monkeys and any number of fascinating jungle birds and reptiles. The setting is so spectacular that it’s even been named a UNESCO world heritage site, providing a truly authentic experience to everyone who chooses to visit this virgin rainforest in person.

A tranquil escape

Bentota’s location away from the bustle of Sri Lanka’s main cities makes it the ideal choice for anyone hoping to enjoy a truly relaxing stay on the island. Spas, baths and wellness retreats make up much of the landscape for tourists here and provide ample opportunity to unwind in true Sri Lankan style. Try your hand at a yoga class, or head to one of the many spa centres for an afternoon of unashamed pampering.


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