A guide to the best restaurants in Chiclana De La Frontera

The restaurants in Chiclana de la Frontera specialise in seafood done just right, whether that’s grilled, fried or in a stew. You can always expect the ingredients to be fresh and locally sourced, blended together by chefs that know their stuff and appreciate fine Spanish cuisine. Even desserts are presented extravagantly here, with gourmet ice creameries stacking up scoops of unique flavours and topping them with rivers of syrup.

Spanish wine and seafood at Restaurante La Mina

At this top Chiclana restaurant, you’ll be treated to fresh seafood dishes like red tuna fish and anchovy starters, presented with creative flair and wines decanted at the table. The real stars of the show are the staff, who go the extra mile to ensure you understand the menu, know where your meal and its ingredients come from and what it’ll taste like. After that, it’s all up to you.

Homemade Italian at Soave

This casual eatery boasts homemade Italian dishes in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy your favourite pasta platters and pizzas with fresh ingredients and doughs made back in the kitchen. What’s more, they offer a nice selection of Italian wines that are chosen specially to highlight the tastes in their dishes.

Thin crust pizza at Pizzaiolo Rocks

The pizzas here are made in an open, wood fire oven, which adds a unique flavour to the fresh ingredients. If pizza isn’t up your street, the menu also offers steaks, pasta, burgers and curries. Just make sure to leave room for dessert – the tiramisu alone is worth the trip in.

Sweet treats at Heladeria Cafeteria Carapino Chiclana

This gourmet dessert bar is a sweet tooth’s best friend, with massive ice cream sundaes doused in a seemingly endless supply of fruit and syrup, all topped with a wafer biscuit and tiny umbrella. Also on offer are pancakes, waffles and cream-filled cakes that’ll satisfy any sugar craving.

Meat cooked at the table at El Carbon Mesa Asador

Be prepared to go into a meat coma once you’ve dined in this carnivore’s paradise, which specialises in thick, prime cuts of beef. You’ll actually have the chance to cook your own meat at the table with the help of a server, ensuring it’s cooked exactly to your liking.

Creative ice creams at SoleLuna

The ice cream flavours at this little shop are varied and delicious, changing constantly as the owner comes up with new and creative concoctions. You can cool off with a scoop of flavours like lemon cheesecake, melon and even beer, or dig into a plate of waffles or a crepe.

Beach views at Chiringuito Albatros

This romantic beach hut-style eatery is an excellent spot to tuck into while enjoying a day at the beach. Colourful lanterns and plush benches-turned-booths make it intimate and cosy even though it’s just steps from the bustling shores. You can simply cool off with a cocktail and watch the waves crash on the sand or nibble on seafood starters and veggie paella.

Indian spices at Taj Mahal Chiclana Spain

Pop into this restaurant and you’ll find tastes of the Far East, adding a different dimension to Chiclana’s dining scene. All the best traditional Indian dishes are served here, like saag paneer, samosas and chicken tikka masala, accompanied, of course, by fresh naan bread.-

Andalusian delights at Restaurante Venta La Algeria

The menu at this large Spanish restaurant specialises in seafood, offering dishes like octopus salad and garlic prawns, plus meat-centric platters with lamb, beef, chicken and pork with mixed vegetables. The beer here is cold and crisp, and the desserts aren’t to be missed, especially the flan with chocolate ice-cream.

Unique tapas at Sabor Andaluz

Sabor Andaluz boasts tapas with a twist, dishing up unique spins on favourite dishes, plus some you won’t have heard of. The small portions mean you’ve got more room for more tastes, like the salmorejo croquetas – pureed tomato and bread that’s been fried, tuna and shrimp omelettes and sirloin medallions.