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Costa De La Luz

Costa De La Luz Holidays

Offering resorts on the south-west region of Spain right next to the Portuguese border, Costa de la Luz holidays are some of the most scenic, peaceful and satisfying experiences available underneath the Mediterranean sunshine.

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The Spanish Algarve

The surrounding nature and atmosphere has led to this region being known as the Spanish Algarve to reflect the similar environment of nearby Portugal. The expected presence of wonderful beaches is supported my cliffs, forests and marshlands in what is a refreshing location to enjoy a laidback holiday.

Not your typical Brits abroad atmosphere, there are visitors from all over Europe with Spanish and Portuguese visitors enjoying this region's beauty too. The majority of evenings are coastal cool and there are also a terrific offering of delicious restaurants.

Holidays to Costa de la Luz are ideal for tourists looking to relax in an unspoiled area of Spain within some fantastic hotels and villas. There are attractions and activities for children but couples are the biggest benefactors of this region with serene, romantic settings in abundance.

Where to stay in Costa De La Luz

El Rompido
El RompidoView on Map

The most family friendly resort in Costa de la Luz, El Rompido has a cool selection of activities and attractions that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

With a nearby waterpark, kayak cruises, spa treatments and golf courses, there really is something for everyone here. You're all invited to find your own space somewhere across the 3km of beach by El Rompido, or you could take a short boat across the river and lay out on the 12km at Nuevo Portil.

As the sun goes down, head towards the Horizontal Beach Club to enjoy a cocktail by the ocean on those warm summer nights.

Isla Canela
Isla CanelaView on Map

A Spanish island separated from the mainland by a small canal, Isla Canela is a resort that enjoys an interesting contrast of nature.

The south side hosts 6km of stunning beach space that has been awarded a European Blue Flag. The north side of the island is more unique with a wide area of wetlands that are fascinating to walk around and amazing to paddle through. Hire a kayak and drift leisurely through the area to see the greenest fauna and some beautiful wildlife.

Drive across the bridge and it's a 15 minute trip to reach the interesting town of Ayamonte.

IslantillaView on Map

Islantilla boasts a terrific beach space, modern holiday accommodation and smooth natural surroundings.

Laidback activities give you the opportunity to sample the nature with water sports, golf courses and hiking trails all found nearby. Islantilla could also be the starting point of an exciting boating adventure as you can hire your own small sail boat to journey along the Spanish and Portuguese coast.

If you want to pick up a bargain souvenir that has a strong Spanish vibe, head to the La Hacienda shopping centre by the beach to grab a long-lasting memento or a heavenly ice-lolly.


Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • The currency used is the Euro
  • Spanish
  • GMT +1

Andalusian culture

Costa de la Luz has remained a low-key resort destination thanks to its shunning of high-rise accommodations. This decision has maintained an authentic feel of culture around the region and locals are most famous for associating themselves with Andalusian traditions.

Despite the resorts being a natural setting largely untouched by human influence, there is centuries of history associated with this region of Spain. The closest and perhaps best place to discover the past of Costa de la Luz is in the inland town of Ayamonte where the old quarter still displays medieval streets and buildings.

Enjoy the coastal setting

The entertainment found in Costa de la Luz is largely leisurely and utilises the surrounding nature in some form. These activities include an abundance of water sports on the ocean as well as rivers and wetlands, or you can choose to take a boat trip and find scuba opportunities off the coast.

There are plenty of golf courses to play through here too with high-quality courses found at El Rompido, Isla Canela and Islantilla.

Nightlife in Costa de la Luz is mostly chilled with enjoyable bars and lounges to relax in. Many hotel complexes offer entertainment as well as indoor and outdoor bar areas. This best venue to enjoy Costa de la Luz's beautiful scenery is from the beachside or marina establishments.

Local dining

Andalusian food is Costa de la Luz's most unique offering when it comes to dining but Spanish and Mediterranean food has a strong prominence here too. In each resort you're offered a wide choice of dining venues outside of your hotel.

There are new tastes to experience as a main course, desert or an accompanying drink with the Andalusian offering. There are many meat and fish-based meals that are rolled in flour and then fried in large amounts of olive oil creating a crunchy exterior for the soft fillings. For afters why not try an oh-so- sweet and glazed honey covered fritter.

Shop at Ayamonte

Shopping facilities by your resort will provide the basics you require while enjoying a relaxed holiday. There are opportunities to pick up plenty of souvenirs from the small gift shops or a snack from the supermarkets.

The town of Ayamonte is the best place to find a new outfit, special ornament or a holiday keepsake. The independent boutiques or the Saturday morning markets are filled with original items you won't find anywhere else.

Getting there

When you fly to Spain for a holiday in Costa de la Luz, you can actually cross off two countries on your global checklist as you land in Faro Airport, Portugal. The flight time to reach here is approximately three hours from the UK.

Costa de la Luz's quiet, subdued personality means that low overhead flying planes would completely change the outlook of the location. This is perhaps why the closest airport, Faro, is around an hour away.

It is best to organise a transfer or a rental car before you arrive as there are no convenient busses and a taxi ride will be just as expensive as a week's car hire.