A guide to the best restaurants in Malgrat De Mar

Holidays to Costa Brava wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the local Spanish cuisine. The chefs of Malgrat de Mar know a thing or two about authentic Catalan flavours, which is probably why you’ll find just as many locals as you do tourists at these much-loved eateries. Malgrat’s restaurants have perfected dishes like paella and know exactly how to do expertly-seasoned cuts of steak. It’s all served with home-grown wines by the barrel. Despite the emphasis on local cuisine, let’s not rule out eateries boasting spit-roasted chicken and gourmet burgers, whose menus add another element of deliciousness to the eating out scene.

Traditional Catalan cooking at Bei Pepe

This quiet restaurant does simple Catalan food at its best, highlighting just what a seafood dish should taste like. Using only the freshest ingredients, chefs here are known to make a top-notch paella with squid ink. They also do traditional tapas made with old house recipes. Full-flavoured wines and pitchers of sangria aren’t to be missed, but make sure to leave room for a traditional Catalan pudding.

A tucked away treat at Bar Restaurante Antonio

Hidden away from the main streets, Bar Restaurante Antonio dishes up Spanish cuisine for the locals, by the locals, but that doesn’t mean newcomers aren’t welcome. It serves favourite tapas like calamari, fresh bread with tomatoes and olive oil, and mussels with tomatoes, plus prime cuts of steak and pans of paella. This authentic eatery is a great spot to ease your palate into the Malgrat fare.

A home from home at Pub Eureka Corner

Britain meets Spain at this traditional English pub, whose nostalgic fare like the full English breakfast gives visitors a little taste of home. They’ve also concocted an ingenious drink option, the three-pint glass of beer, which is the kind of indulgence every holiday needs. Catch sporting matches on the pub’s televisions or stop by at night for karaoke and pub quizzes.

Burger with all the toppings at Restaurant Klein 84

This trendy spot takes a classic burger and chips and spins it on its head. Burgers here come decked with a heap of creative, locally-sourced toppings that work to complement the meat’s perfectly-cooked flavours and give it a distinct Spanish edge. The restaurant also has a full bar whipping up creative cocktails, equipped with a staff that knows their stuff.

A real flavour of Catalan at El Cortijo

The El Cortijo is a rustic Catalan eatery with a seafood and meat-heavy menu to match. Slightly off the beaten path, the restaurant’s specialities are grilled foods like lamb cooked on an open fire and botifarra negra, black Catalan sausage. El Cortijo is also where you can try drinking from a porron – a traditional Catalan wine pitcher with a very thin spout.

Sights and tastes of the Med at Vistamar Restaurant

The Vistamar takes a spin around the Mediterranean, including Italian dishes with their classic Spanish fare. Located within eyesight of the beach, this restaurant delights with shrimp and squid dishes expertly paired with cooked vegetables, plus quirky Hawaiian pizzas to keep things interesting.

Music and light bites at Babaloo Tapas Pub

Vegetarians have found their spot in Malgrat, with Babaloo’s host of veggie-friendly tapas, with a good selection of meat dishes also on offer. Visitors here take to the large outdoor deck and sip on a colourful cocktail as they listen to live music from local bands.

Watch your kebabs roasting at La Bota Bodega

La Bota Bodega adds a new dimension to the Malgrat dining scene. Their speciality is spit-fired chicken that you can watch roast through a wheel-like window before it’s served up as kebabs. Being in Spain, they of course feature other meat and seafood dishes too, as well as wine straight from the barrel.

Sweet treats at Stella Maris

This ice-creamery is a sweet lover’s paradise, with an amazing selection of flavours, as well as waffles, pancake and crepes. Located along the promenade, it’s a prime spot to stop in for a cool treat after a day at the beach, or as an after-dinner indulgence before you head back to the hotel.