Articles about Spain

Planning a trip to Spain? Browse our articles for information about Spain to help you decide how to spend your time once you land. Our informative articles feature all you need to know about this beautiful destination, from fun facts to a guide to Spanish cuisine.

Spanish cuisine - The well known and the more unusual

Spanish meals have won fans the world over for their rich flavours and inventive uses of ingredients. And even here in the UK, the number of tapas bars and other specialised places shows we’re all fond of a good paella. Yet Spain’s rich history and clever chefs have cooked up many more delicacies than we might initially give them credit for. Here are some to look out for, both famous and more elusive, from the finest kitchens and cantinas in Spain.

A party guide to southern Spain

The beaches, cuisine and seriously huge array of cultural attractions are all well and good in Spain, but it’s the country’s party scene that really shines. Chances are, it’s probably not the after-hours fun you’re used to though as here it’s later, more energetic, louder and better. To get you in the thick of it, here’s a quick guide to partying on Spain’s sunny southern coast.

Fun facts about Spain

Spain’s diverse history, landscapes and pockets of culture make this country a fascinating destination. While you may associate Spain mainly with its delicious tapas, stunning beaches, and risky running of the bulls, the country also holds plenty of mystery. Below you can fill up on some lesser-known facts before you visit.

The best waterpark hotels in Spain

The hot sun and blue skies of Spain make it the perfect playground for the country’s many waterparks – right at your front door. This means that families, couples and just about anyone with a fondness for thrills and spills will love Spain and can enjoy slides, shoots and flumes all holiday long.

Top tips for your family holiday to Spain

Spain is a superb family holiday destination, hosting return visitors year after year. This stunning country weaves family values into its legacy and culture, meaning a family trip here is always a memorable and comfortable holiday. Keep some of our pointers in mind to enhance those good memories and make even greater ones.

A couples' guide to visiting Spain

When it comes to having some one-on-one time away with your loved one, Spain serves up sunshine-riddled beaches with a side of nearby cultural cities like Barcelona, Granada and Seville. Our guide recommends where to stay for the most romantic locations, outings and activities you can enjoy together.