Vila Vicencia

Quiet and uniquely homely, Vila Vicencia puts relaxation firmly on the menu and welcomes guests into its private garden setting. A collection of three villas, the site has an exclusive and boutique feel that enjoys a prominent location close to the local lido and numerous restaurants.

A small but fabulous spool can be found onsite, along with a terraced patio for dining and a bar that runs on an honesty system, so if it is unmanned, just help yourself and leave a note, with your villa number. This family-run site oozes charm and exclusivity, while being just a short walk from everything you could need.

Overview of Funchal

Portugal plays home to a lot of bucket-list holiday destinations, but few are as beautiful as the island of Madeira, found within its archipelago.

Holidays to Madeira are filled with tranquil beaches, luscious scenery, incredible food and drink and friendly welcomes. In Funchal, the capital of Madeira, you’ll find perfect photo opportunities and impossible-to-forget dining in equal measure, not to mention hidden-gem hotels like the Vila Vicencia. Year-round warm weather and striking colonial architecture are the elements that most commonly tempt holidaymakers to the island, but there is a lot more to experience.

Things to do in Madeira

Vila Vicencia is no more than a 30-minute walk from Funchal’s old town, where you’ll find a wealth of beautiful buildings and recommended restaurants to explore. The shopping is particularly good as well, with a mix of local crafts, designer clothes and family essentials all on offer.

To get a taste of the real Funchal, you can’t pass on the opportunity to visit the Mercado dos Lavradores. A farmers market chock-full of sumptuous fresh produce, seafood and breads, you’ll want to fill your stomach as you peruse the many handicraft stalls. Don’t forget to try some local wine, as Madeira is world-famous for its tipples, and you’ll never enjoy it as much as when drinking it on its own doorstep.

Guaranteed to delight everybody from wine fanatics through to nature lovers and foodies, Madeira may seem like a small and quaint destination, but it packs a huge experiential punch and proves that great things really do come in small packages.

Resort Summary

Funchal was a core part of the early settlement of Madeira in the 1400s, when brave expeditions from Europe first began pressing ever further west from the continent to see what else lay in the world beyond. As a result, colonial architecture makes up much of the original elements of Funchal even today, although there’s plenty of modern flavour as well.