Quinta da Penha de Franca

Beautiful throughout, the Quinta da Penha de Franca hotel has everything even the most discerning guest could want, plus an added bonus in the form of direct access to the Atlantic Ocean via a private swimming platform.

A duo of pools ensures that guests spend the lion share of their time outdoors, though the interior decor is charming and cosy, with some modern communal areas as well. This reflects the eclectic mix of buildings that the hotel comprises of, with a modern extension being added to a traditional Portuguese manor house. The traditional home-cooked meals are a particular speciality here, but with the town centre just 300m away, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to mealtimes.

Overview of Funchal

Holidays to Madeira are frequently characterised by sips of the locally produced wine, appreciation of the stunning scenery and amazing beaches, with sunny Funchal turning its back on none of these elements. It also plays host to some brilliant hotels, such as the Quinta da Penha de Franca.

The capital of Madeira, Funchal is a sociable, pretty and eclectic destination that makes just as much of its natural beauty as it does the brilliant nightlife scene. The marina ensures a glut of fresh seafood for local restaurants to work their magic with and shopaholics will be in retail heaven thanks to the surprisingly large number of boutiques to explore.

Things to do in Funchal

Despite excellent facilities on-site, the Quinta da Penha de Franca can’t compete with wider Funchal in terms of activities. Walk around the stunningly clean streets of Funchal and you’ll spot a mix of beautiful architecture and inside the buildings, a range of shops selling everything from designer clothes to local handicrafts and more.

Having worked up an appetite shopping, you’ll want to head to one of the many restaurants that specialises in regional cuisine and serves local wine. The blend of flavours work so perfectly together that it’s the only way to truly get a real taste of Madeira. Eateries in the marina area tend to serve the finest seafood and you’ll get a proper feel for just how sociable mealtimes are in Funchal.

A Portuguese gem, Madeira is a steadfastly popular holiday destination, with Funchal proving why, with its unique blend of culture, fun and local pride.

Resort Summary

Funchal was a core part of the early settlement of Madeira in the 1400s, when brave expeditions from Europe first began pressing ever further west from the continent to see what else lay in the world beyond. As a result, colonial architecture makes up much of the original elements of Funchal even today, although there’s plenty of modern flavour as well.