Tavira Holidays 2024/2025

Distinctive orange rooftops, sunlit white walls and colourful community spirit make Tavira a welcoming town to visit during holidays to the Algarve. The beach, the cuisine and the nightlife all shine, while the natural beauty of the surrounding coastal areas give you the chance to get in touch with your wild side and explore.

Tavira Holiday Deals

The town where tradition meets the sublime

Wearing its heart very much on its sleeve, Tavira shines as a local example of a town in the Algarve that still remembers its roots in the customs and traditions of old-school Portugal. Narrow streets of pale walls with bright red roofs, so intrinsic of the Mediterranean, give Tavira all the appearances of a sleepy town, belying its inbuilt zest and passion.

From its roots as a fishing community, which in many respects it continues today, Tavira has grown to welcome tourism with open arms. A trip here is going to give you a big welcome from the locals as you settle into one of the lesser known treasures of the south Portuguese coast.

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    Around seven kilometres of sunny shore separate Tavira from the sea, and those pristine stretches of sand have plenty of appeal and character, as well as opportunities for watersports. The more unspoilt of them have tufts of plant life poking from occasional outcrops, while over at Praia do Barril, you’ll find the legions of metal relics that make up the Cemetary of Anchors. It’s a flavour of history that helps make Tavira what it is – a place where the old and the new converge to help the town stand as an individual among surrounding resorts.

    Don’t think the beaches are going to skimp on the simple luxuries, though. Temperatures are always high and amenities are close at hand, but that extra element of unspoilt sand personalises the experience. It’s going to feel like you’re on your own private stretch of shore, complete with all the coastal comforts that Tavira can provide, like cool drinks, hot meals and a select few shops where you can buy a new towel or top up your sun lotion supplies.

    Dining in style

    Tavira’s restaurants continue the town’s commitment to tradition combined with modern comforts. Authentic family-run establishments line the streets, together with more modern offerings that mix old fashioned home-grown meals with international favourites. As Tavira is a coastal town with its community roots in fishing, you’ll also find a great selection of seafood throughout the town, plus vegetarian options are in plentiful supply.

    The town expertly blends beachfront restaurants with cosy cafes. Each are tucked inside eternally charming backstreets, which gives you the opportunity to sample a little of everything during your stay.

    As the evening draws in, bars and taverns open their doors to host live music and entertainment. Bar Toque is a venue where rustic charisma shines through brightly, while Quasi’s is a colourful local legend in its own right where stories are spun on a nightly basis.

    If you’re looking for more modern offerings, Tavira can meet your expectations there as well, with Arcada Cocktail & Wine Bar providing a good example in that respect, decorated with sleek lighting and mysterious chic.

    Get out into the countryside

    Tavira has so much local culture that you might never want to leave its comfortable confines, making it the ideal spot to enjoy an All Inclusive holiday to Portugal. That said, to see what the rest of the Algarve can offer, you’re in the best location to head out into the countryside.

    Ria Formosa Natural Park, one of the most well known areas of natural beauty in the Algarve, is a brilliant example of Tavira’s affinity with the natural world. It houses a huge manmade lake that’s the go-to place for watersports fanatics, while its long bridges, lazily swaying trees and inviting nature trails give you plenty to see and do with the family.

    Fun and games

    If you’re keen to improve your game, be sure to sample some of the nearby golf courses, many of which continue to dazzle even the world’s finest players. Particularly noted courses include the hilly challenges set by Castro Marim, an 18-hole test of precision, as well as Isla Canela, which is framed by palm trees and offers a relaxed but engaging game.

    Alternatively, if you’re itching to see the sights, bicycle rental offers a great way for you to travel along the coastline, taking in sea views and lush countryside as you wheel off into the sunshine.

    Tavira has good links to its surrounding communities, and is just 28 kilometres from the airport in Faro. As a springboard to bigger adventures, it’s a brilliant place to be. Still, with so much local charm and character, we wouldn’t hold it against you if you decided to stay in town and soak up fun, sun and exploration by the score.


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