A guide to nightlife in Praia Da Rocha

It’s one of the liveliest resorts in the Algarve, so it stands to reason that a visit to Praia da Rocha is going to leave you with plenty to do after the sun goes down. From vibrant clubs to cool lounge bars, there’s a brilliant mix of things to see and do, in which music, laughter and cocktails are certain to form a big part. Browse our range of cheap holidays to the Algarve for more information.

Groove until dawn at Katederal

Located on the main downtown strip, it’s impossible to miss Katederal. If the bright lights and pounding music didn’t give its presence away, the staff promoting the venue in the starlit streets certainly will, and a trip inside isn’t going to disappoint. Three bars are stacked around the dancefloor, where locals and holidaymakers all group together to move to the beat.

Meet the locals at The Red Eye

Given that the name of this venue comes from the slang term for pulling an all-nighter, it makes sense that you’re not going to worry about the closing time here. It’s got the feel and spirit of a local, together with a fair few spirits being enjoyed by the locals, so definitely drop in to see what the tipple of the night is going to be.

Seek soul music at Bar Amuras

This cosy little jazz den is a hit with both locals and holidaymakers, offering a cool alternative to the rowdier clubs that you’ll find elsewhere during Portugal holidays. That’s not to say that the venue’s lacking in atmosphere, of course, and it’s the jazz, soul and Latin live music nights every Friday that really draw in the crowds.

Press your luck at the casino

If you’re after a bit of glamour and chancing your arm, a trip to the casino makes for a pretty swanky evening. Praia da Rocha’s casino combines the greats and classics with hi-tech slots, meaning you’ve all manner of games to try during your stay.

Stick with tradition at Farmer's Pub

If you’re after a beer while watching the beautiful game, or just want a decent pint as you talk over your Portugaladventures, it’s definitely Farmer’s Pub for you. It’s been the beating heart of nightlife in Praia da Rocha since the 1980s.

Don't stop dancing at Phoenix

If you’re adamant that you want to see the Praia da Rocha sunrise without any of that fiddly sleeping nonsense in between, head to Phoenix. It stays open until 6am and the music doesn’t miss a beat for a second, which means you can drink, dance and party until it’s time for breakfast.

Live life on the edge at On The Rocks

This cheeky venue takes its name from the fact that it’s a nightclub perched on top of a cliff, which means you’re going to get some epic views alongside your cocktails and conversation. It’s a place with plenty of personality, so come for the vibrant atmosphere and stay for the colourful drinks.

See DJs spin at Mixx

It’s always crowded in Mixx, and it’s not just because of those nice cheap drinks. The venue frequently hosts some top DJ talent, which makes for some sensational live mixes. You can expect to hear a fantastic variety of tunes here, from club classics to modern masterpieces.

Find your favourites on tap at Ireland's Eye

Considered locally to be the best Irish pub in town, Ireland’s Eye keeps that traditional wooden-beam feel of Dublin’s best bars, but gives it the lively twist that so sums up Praia da Rocha. The bar taps have your favourite lagers and ales ready and waiting.

Live the mellow beach life at NoSoloAgua

From its tiki chic and sunloungers to its circular pool and sea views, a beach party will never be the same after you’ve experienced the affordable luxury of NoSoloAgua. At night it becomes the ultimate chill-out spot, where time spent lazing under the stars completes an epic evening on the town.