Articles and information about Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico? Take a look at our articles for information about Mexico, including introductions to Mexican wrestling, tequila and ghost stories. Our articles feature all you need to know for your Mexican holiday, from a guide to surfing in Mexico to the best of Mexico’s Mayan and Aztec ruins.

Mexico's Most Famous Ghost Stories

For spine-chilling, eerie ghost stories that are guaranteed to make your hair stand up on end, those from Mexico will most certainly fit the bill. The country’s steeped in history, dating back to the Mayan rule which started around 2,000 BCE. This was closely followed by the domination of the Aztec empire that lasted until the Spanish invasion of 1519.

The Best of Mayan and Aztec Ruins

Mexico’s ancient civilisations were the most sophisticated in Northern and Central America, with national treasures that are cherished and well preserved. Discover Mayan and Aztec ruins boasting temples and palaces that are hidden in jungles or high on hills.

The Diversity of Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine has so many layers of diversity in its flavours, colours and textures. The variations in climate across Mexico have an influence, due to their effect on locally available ingredients. Add to this the impact of Spanish culinary preferences and you get one delicious, interesting and sometimes surprising cuisine.

Family-friendly things to do in Mexico

An incredibly inviting country for families, Mexicans welcome children into their restaurants and bars with open arms – but you probably won’t be spending too much time in them when there’s so much else to do in Mexico.

Do I need a visa for Mexico?

British citizens do not require a visa when travelling to Mexico as a tourist, but will require a tourist card. Travelling under any other circumstances outside of a holiday will most likely require a visa.