A guide to nightlife in Venetian Riviera

The Venetian Riviera is a destination of two halves. During the day the area boasts tranquil vibes, with a wealth of family-friendly beaches and acres of surrounding countryside. Come nightfall, however, the town and city centres begin to buzz with party-goers. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in a bustling nightclub or relax with friends in a classy cocktail bar, you’re sure to find the ideal venue for you. Here are five of our favourites from across the region.

Glitz and glamour at Koco Music Club, Bibione

One of the most popular nightlife spots across the whole Venetian Riviera, Koco’s in Bibione is the place to go if you’re after a night of partying and dancing ’til dawn. Take up residency at the venue’s iconic circular bar, where ample staff are on hand to mix you up drinks and ensure you enjoy the best night possible.

Holidays to Italy are all about sophistication and Koco’s has an air of glamour unmatched by other venues within the area, complete with eye-catching crystal chandeliers. There’s also a luxurious private lounge where guests can take some time out from the pounding beats played by world class DJ’s on the dancefloor.

Keep it casual at Tarnowska's American Bar, Venice

The perfect venue to wind down at the end of the night, Tarnowska’s offers reasonably priced cocktails, beers and spirits, with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere to boot.

The venue itself is soaked in Italian history, while jovial barman Rey is always more than willing to go the extra mile to make visitors here feel welcome and comfortable. It’s an American-style bar that’s rich in character, especially during the weekend when the place gets busier. Try the Long Island Iced Tea for a real treat.

Sipping by the sea at Shany Disco Club, Bibione

Shany Disco Club offers visitors to the Venetian Riviera the chance to experience a night unlike any other. A humble beachfront kiosk by day, you can enjoy a filling breakfast or lunch here, complete with cocktails and a selection of fresh fruit.

Come nightfall and the venue turns into a funky disco hotspot, with free entry granted to those taking advantage of the Dinner+Disco offer. Enjoy a slap-up meal on the aptly named Tropical Terrace before dancing the night away under the moonlight and taking advantage of the vast selection of affordable drinks on offer.

Music to groove to at Venice Jazz Club, Venice

Head to Venice Jazz Club to enjoy some of the finest live music Italy has to offer. This low-lit venue has a chilled out feel and invites guests to sit back, relax and sample a night full of chilled out entertainment.

The club itself has been decorated in an industrial style, with rich, vibrant reds that evoke a sense of luxury and wealth. Tickets are just €20 and include a table for the evening, as well as a round of free drinks for the group. It’s worth noting that the bar is closed during the month of August, but it’s a must-visit if you’re travelling to Venice at any other time of year.

Sweet treats and tunes at Marley Bar, Lido di Jesolo

Marley Bar is another venue that opens during the day, transforming into a fun and friendly cocktail bar come evening. Live music is frequent here, while the laid-back atmosphere and plentiful seating make it the ideal venue for tourists wanting to unwind in good company after a long day of exploring.

Marley Bar also serves some of the finest gelato in Lido di Jesolo, with sweet treats available long into the night. If you’re lucky enough to drop by on one of the venue’s famous karaoke nights you’ll also have the chance to sing and dance along with the locals.


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